Sunday, April 4, 2021

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Socialism as it currently stands is inherently immoral and will remain so unless it becomes voluntary.

Capitalism is potentially dangerous unless it is bound by common law or the Non-Aggression Principle, where the power of money is not allowed to overrule the basic right to freedom.

So, let’s discard what is wrong, keep what is right, and build a new society that more resembles sanity."

Marley James

"With the Greater Depression deepening—notwithstanding the bubbles in the financial markets—the situation can only get worse. When the going gets really tough, the average American is programmed to beg the government to 'do something'—as if they haven’t already pulled out all the stops. They’ll do more, however. We’ve developed our own class of Jacobins—the people that were behind the horrors of the French Revolution in 1789. Our own class of Leninists, like those who took over Russia in 1917, and our own class of Red Guards, Maoists that led the Great Cultural Revolution in 1960s China, want to control everything and have totally infiltrated all aspects of American life."

Doug Casey

"According to the state, you are all terrorists now, and a risk to everyone you meet. You are being told that you are a danger to everyone, and everyone is a danger to you. By accepting this lie, the populace at large becomes incapable of mounting any legitimate defense against the evil and murderous state, and its plans for global domination. Those in charge know this intimately, and are using this knowledge to cause society to destroy itself voluntarily from within. You are considered the enemy of the state in that all of you as individuals are all that stand in the way of the claimed master class and its desire to rule the world. What happens in the U.S. could change the entire planet, because what happens here will happen around the globe. Americans have more responsibility to stop this madness than any other country, because the head of this snake lives and breathes in America.

Collective panic and fear will be the death knell of American society, while individual resolve, dissent, disobedience, and a joining together to reclaim freedom will destroy the beast that is the real terrorist called the state.  It is time to stop this assault on us all before it is too late!"

Gary D. Barnett

"Hollywood and the corporate cabal behind it have long sought to be the center of America's cultural universe. In other words, they are seeking to pervert the dynamic so that life imitates art instead of art imitating life, and if they control all the art then they control people's perceptions of life."

Brandon Smith

"American presidents take an oath of office solemnly swearing to 'preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.' But this has long been an empty ritual, akin to Roman emperors making public sacrifices to pagan gods they knew did not exist. Fealty to the Constitution has evaporated in part because philosophical trends have long favored absolute power."

James Bovard

"Human progress comes from solving problems …. there are far more things to go wrong than right … there are far more things to be disordered than ordered … wood rots and metal rusts and bodies run down … poverty is the normal state of things; prosperity is the hard thing to explain … that requires the understanding of the cause of things, and that is the realm of science and reason …"

Michael Shermer

"Political parties exist to give the illusion of choice. But the 'choices' they give you are choices they decide upon. You have very little say in it.

The reality is that there are two names of political parties, but the philosophy and morality of all politicians is the same. Things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other.

The axiom above brings forth the conclusion that politicians cannot be different and cannot have a different morality than the system and survive as politicians. Therefore, they have to all be the same."

Bob Livingston

"Since COVID-19, which I call the Greatest Psyop in the History of the World, hit, the world has gone full tyranny. While they are mandating that we wear masks which do nothing but dehumanize us further, their own collective mask has been lowered. No more benign pretenses. No more attempts to paint a rosy picture of a crumbling state of being. It’s full, in your face thuggery. An Orwellian overreach that includes monitoring the number of guests you have at holiday gatherings. The formerly bubbly ex-cheerleaders who populate American journalism have learned to bare their teeth and hiss angrily at any hint of dissidence."

Donald Jeffries

"The left cannot abide uncertainty. It terrifies them. The left rejects God because if He is the Creator, then we must be creatures. Creatures — makers of neither themselves nor the world — must always bear with some irreducible uncertainty, some ultimate, even if carefully and scientifically minimized, need for Faith. 

The refusal to accept our condition as creatures is the essence of Leftism. It is why the left always tries to replace God by using uncertain data to generate certainties, set far in the unverifiable future. The left has always seen surprise as the enemy.

And that is why they are redefining science to dispense with information."

George Gilder

"Isn’t it a conspiracy that the media speak with one voice–the voice of The Establishment? Why are explanations controlled and alternative explanations censored?  Clearly, this is conspiracy."

Paul Craig Roberts

"In 18th century France, people were starving, but the elites who ruled them were so out of touch that the prevailing attitude was, let them eat cake!

Today there’s a new elite that makes all the rules. They’ve completely corrupted western civilization. They are fanatics who embrace Marxism, violence, racism, and censorship

And like the French elites before them, they’re completely out of touch with how much they’re destroying the country and people’s lives. Let them eat woke!"

Simon Black

"The mistake the elites make in their quest to “save the world” is in thinking that humans want (or need) world parents to solve their problems for them.

Paradoxically, the truly 'fatal conceit' is in believing that solving our problems for us is going to solve all of our problems! 

Instead, making the world work for everybody means giving each individual the agency and autonomy necessary to feel necessary in their own ways. And, of course, it means giving them the freedom to mess up and make mistakes.

Without this freedom, we are robbed of the opportunity to grow. Through this, we are also robbed of understanding and honing our own unique strengths.

'Protecting' us from solving our own problems is just as catastrophic as shielding us from the consequences of our own blunders.

Alas, social engineers and central planners believe they can do both.

They’re wrong.

Humans are messy. But if you take away their agency and need to feel needed? Things get a whole lot messier And all the problems you 'solve for them' will be burned to a crisp.

They will burn down the village just to feel its warmth."

Chris Campbell

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