Thursday, April 8, 2021

DC Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Pedophile-in-Chief Ready to Go to War with Russia

You will soon have a new place to send you children to die for the DC King.

Other weekly crimes include:

"Enlisting" large corporations to push and peddle his vaccine poison.

Speeding up the asylum scam at the southern border.

Poisoning sports with his toxic politics.

Spreading the lie that further looting you and making you poor will help you.

Regime’s Open Borders is ‘Booming’ Business for Human Traffickers

They’ve got a regular pipeline set up and drop invaders over the border any way they can.

171,000 apprehended just in March!

But nearly 1000 invaders per day are unpursued.

A foster care family is evicted from their home in order to house invading parasites!

Known terrorists are crossing. How many have escaped?

Other than shoot-to-kill, there’s only one other solution- Finish the wall!

Regime’s Republi-can(’t ) Gangsters Wimp Out Over Border Invasion

They’ve allowed the debate to degenerate into what is to be done about a "humanitarian crisis" instead of what is to be done about an outright invasion of the country’s borders.

The debate now is how to take care of the invaders instead of how to stop them and send them back!

Regime’s Disease Goons Claim the Power to Control Your Travel

What rational person still believes these professional liars?

Regime Controlled Media Lies About Fake Virus 'Variant'

It’s a "double" mutant. Horrors!

Next, they’ll be warning you about a triple mutant with whipped cream and a cherry on top!

Regime’s Vaccine Death Toll up to 2,050

How much worse can it get?

Regime to Develop 'Effective' Face Diaper

And they’re having a real cool contest to help achieve just that!

Regime to Add Long Range Missiles to Threaten China

And Pedo Joe sends warships to harass them in the meantime.

Just what the Asian Pacific needs when tensions are already high. But hell, it’s more moolah for the War Whores!

Regime Now Brainwashing its Hired Killers

Say anything positive about white people or anything negative about the anti-white, communist insurgency now burning down American cities and…bye, bye career!

It's all part of the process to convince "the troops" that you are the enemy.

Exposed- Pedophile-in-Chief’s 'Infrastructure' Plan a Fraud

It’s all about "caregiving" and fooling white people, weakening the economy, tearing down "racist" highways, and racial equity.

Everything that comes from DC is either a fake or a lie!

Brain Dead, Regime Maoist Gangster Complains About Fake 'Infrastructure' Plan

It just doesn’t spend enough to realize their "very inspiring vision."

Regime’s Lumber Tariffs Raising Cost of Housing

Thank the 17th century economics of the previous DC Emperor.

DC Regime Adds 7000 New Operatives…Just in March

7000 new sociopaths and parasites to control and loot you.

Fascist, Loyalist Tech Oligarch Spent $35 Million Screwing with Texas Election

All of it was directed toward increasing voter fraud.

Regime’s Transportation Goons Stop Texas Highway

It’s a "test" to see if they can get away with stopping any program just by by screaming, "Racism!"

Exposed- Regime Controlled Media Promotes Activism Against Federalism

"Journalism" has been replaced by "activism."

Regime’s Gestapo Raids Safe Deposit Boxes

Everyone is a potential criminal in their eyes.

"Probable cause? What’s that?"

Regime Develops New Initiative to Discriminate Against White People

This time, it’s in the field of quantum information science.

"There’s just too damn many white people in this field!"

Regime’s Money Goon Calls for Minimum Global Tax

She’s moving up in the world- from lowly counterfeiter to high flying, globalist looter!

Regime Controlled Media Smears Florida Governor

A hit job accomplished through deceptive editing.

Regime’s Environmental Goons Look to Control American Economy

“One of its next actions aims to use ozone regulations and secret science to eliminate racecar driving in America – and then eradicate fossil fuel use, and control the entire US economy.”

Exposed- DC Regime’s Syrian Occupation is Forever

“Welcome to America's next forever occupation, apparently, from which it will never willingly extricate itself, akin to Afghanistan or Iraq.”

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a "US?"

Isn’t it time for Texians to practice "DC-distancing?"

Secession, anyone?

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