Thursday, April 15, 2021

DC Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Pedophile-in-Chief Begins Effort to Seize Guns

Once again, gun control masquerades as a "common sense way to stop violence."

His other weekly crimes include:

Lying about gun laws.

Lying about the Constitution, ensuring a revolution.

Nominating an anti-gun fanatic to lead the ATF while showing even more signs of dementia.

Giving an $87 million no-bid contract to his associate.

Awards a $530 million no-bid contract to another associate.

Seeking more funding to loot rich people.

Requesting billions more dollars for more war machines.

Considering making cash payment to border invading parasites to urge them to stay home.

Creating a commission to study packing the Supreme Court.

Urging regime gangsters to delete their photos of the border crisis.

Changing the deadline for an Afghanistan withdrawal. I’m sure that the new deadline will be proven a lie, just as it was in the past.

DC Regime Allows 172,000 Border Invading Criminals to Cross in March

Lunatics are in charge as "The Border Patrol" becomes "The Border Tour Guides and Chauffeurs!"

The numbers are staggering:

$6 million/day of your stolen money is spent caring for these scumbag’s abandoned children.

Up to 50 invading criminals unleashed on the streets of small towns every day.

Nearly 42,000 invading criminals have crossed since Pedo-Joe won the fake election.

1.2 million more of them are projected to invade!

And it’s so easy to invade- Bring along a kid (doesn’t even have to be yours) and you're home free!

Regime Gangsters Complain Pedophile-in-Chief’s War Budget not Large Enough

"Talk is cheap, but killing is not!'

Exposed- Regime-Controlled Media Admits Propagandizing to Influence Election

Isn’t it entertaining to see these scumbags personally admit their crimes?

DC Regime Sends War Machines to Russia’s Border

They’ve also been sending spy planes and considering sending even more warships to the Black Sea.

If that’s not enough, they even have the arrogance and audacity to complain about Russia amassing troops at their border!

Gee, why do you think they would do that?

Is the apocalypse the next stop?

DC Regime Prick Waves China

Imagine the response by the DC Criminals if the Chinese sent an amphibious assault ship into the Gulf of Mexico.

Regime Coming to Destroy Your Suburb

You’ll need to get used to high rises full of welfare parasites as your new neighbors.

Regime’s Prison Goons Beating White Dissidents

Does this mark the beginning of Pedo-Joe’s gulags?

Exposed- Regime Spent $500 Million of Your Stolen Money on Fake Terrorist Videos

Fake videos to spread fake fear about fake terrorists.

Regime’s Disease Goons Join the Racism Scam

It’s a "serious threat to public health."

A fake threat to accompany a fake crisis.

However, dubious and nonsensical advice from a quack doctor is not a threat.

Regime Clown-in-Gown Bans Exposing Baby Killers

He considers it a "breach of contract" to uncover their criminal activity.

Regime Hassles Individual for Criticizing Their Littlest Maoist

They were concerned he might be one of those feared "insurrectionists."

Exposed- Regime Spends $332Billion of Your Stolen Money on 'Zombie Programs'

That’s money they spend on expired programs that the Regime Gangsters never authorized.

It's an automatic money machine to serve the looting parasites.

Regime Goons Declare War Against Dissidents

The cockroaches of The Deep State come out into the light.

Regime Goons Pressured Tech Overlords to Censor Dissident Health Site

“The resulting threat to free speech is especially serious because government agents have in essence “deputized” Facebook to do what the government itself is constitutionally forbidden to do.”

Regime Communists Schedule Debate to Loot White Americans

The fake "legacy of slavery" will not be extinguished until all white people are either dead or penniless.

Regime’s Corporate Allies Push for New Ways to Loot Tax Slaves

Wealth transfers and tax slave-funded subsidies to billionaires are now called a "Nationally Determined Contribution."

Regime to Use Your Stolen Money to Pay for Funerals

Your lost loved one must have tested positive with the fake test for the fake virus in order to qualify.

Regime’s Transportation Goon Declares You are Transporting Yourself the 'Wrong Way'

And it’s nothing that $2.3 trillion of counterfeit money can’t solve.

Exposed- Loyalist Billionaire Spent Millions of Dollars to Influence State Elections

“The records obtained in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan show the Zuckerberg monies were used to buy off government officials dictating the manner in which the election was conducted and using government to target Democrat strongholds to turn out the vote for Mr. Biden.”

Brain Dead, Communist Regime Gangster Demands 'No More Policing'

She’s just trying to protect you…

Regime to Send More of its Hired Killers to Germany

I guess the 35,000 already there just isn’t enough to do…whatever it is they do.

Regime Goons Come up with Another Goofy Program to 'Stop Hate'

Please, make it stop…

Regime’s Tax Hikes to Destroy One Million Jobs

No problem- Pedo-Joe will counterfeit trillions more in fake dollars to "stimulate" the losers.

Regime’s Mad Scientists Invent Chip Implant to Detect Fake Virus

Look a little deeper into this and you find out some creepy stuff.

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a "US?"

Isn’t it time for Texians to practice "DC-distancing?"

Secession, anyone?

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