Thursday, September 3, 2020

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Exposed- Regime’s Disease Goons Admit Fraudulent Death Numbers

Instead of the 153,504 reported by the Regime-controlled media, the actual death total is 9,210!

Meanwhile, the lockdowns are killing ten times as many people as the supposed contagious “virus!

Regime Clown-in-Gown Creates Special Bathroom Rights for Mentally Ill Circus Freaks

The perversion of "America" continues.

Regime’s Covid Wench Wants You to Wear Your Slave Diaper at Home

"Oh my God, it’s into the rural areas! Everyone will die! Muzzle up!"

Regime’s World 'Health' Goons Call for More Covid Tyranny

Your slave diaper is not enough. You must lock yourself up and away from other human organisms!

Regime War Goon Goes Ballistic Against Chinese Fishermen

"How dare they fish near the Galapagos Islands."

DC is so upset they want to form another Gang of Goons to threaten China

Regime’s Mail Goons Being Overpaid

They’ve "racked up billions of dollars in excessive overtime from its workers over the last several years, even as its employee numbers have gone up and its mail delivery has declined."

Exposed- Regime’s Retirement Scam Operators Proven Completely Incompetent

Thousands have literally died waiting for their appeals.

Regime Prick Waves Russia

They’ll do whatever necessary to provoke a crisis.

What would be DC’s response if Russia flew a bomber over Lake Erie?

Regime’s Hired Killers Sexually Harass Syrian Children

The "ugly" is growing on The Ugly American

Regime’s Disease Goons Interfere with Landlord’s Property Rights

The arbitrary power now given to these bureaucrats seems to know no ends. The power will remain as long as they declare there is a "disease emergency."

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

 Isn’t it time for Texians to practice “DC-distancing?”

 Secession, anyone?

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