Sunday, September 27, 2020

Quotes of the Week


Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"If a coup occurs in this country, we will know exactly who the perps are. The games that are being played about coup outcomes of the election do not go far enough. The material I read does not speculate about what patriots in America will do. I’ll tell you what they’ll do. If military people want to create a coup and then take to bunkers, then they’ll be sealed off and left to die. If they decide to stay above ground, their houses will be burned to the ground. As for them, they’ll be hung with great haste. The same fate awaits their aiders and abettors. If the planners look ahead just one or two more steps, they should fear for their lives. And if they come out into the open any further than they already have, they are placing their lives in great jeopardy even without a coup. Who will be the patriots who will stop them? The plotters and planners will be very surprised at how many people are itching for such a fight and willing to risk their lives and bodies to rid the land of these traitors."

Michael Rozeff

"Diversity of thought in the American academy is virtually non-existent. And where it does rear its ugly head, it is rooted out with ferocity. As a result, students, in general, have become mere phrase repeaters and sloganeers. Academia is now an echo chamber where students and faculty mindlessly recite acceptable mantras. Professors are being exiled for voicing anything that deviates from the woke orthodoxy. The examples are so legion that one doesn't know where to begin.

We are well beyond the closing of the American mind; we have entered an enforcement era in which intellectual activity is policed by censorious sentinels of surveillance who would have done quite well within the infamous totalitarian regimes of the past. While allusions to supposed rightwing totalitarianism are rife, the study of leftist totalitarianism has been all but eradicated. Likewise, a new set of Red Guards on campus run rampant and have their way, destroying curricula, careers, and the life of the mind."

Michael Rectenwald

"Texas is currently being manhandled by Federal interests, and by the self-interests of Texans like Governor Abbott who seek to aggrandize themselves to a federal audience. The clear solution for Texas is to divorce itself from an unwieldy and financially bankrupt Union and elect statesmen whose ambitions can naturally extend no higher than Texas and thus whose self-interest more closely parallels the interest of Texans.

The forced closure of businesses is, in principle, telling a private business owner that s/he can no longer use the property for their own purposes, which is nothing less than the theft of this property by the public. In Texas, this is expressly prohibited by Article I, Section 17 of the Texas Constitution, and Texas owes each closed business damages from lost profits on this basis. Governor Abbott, as a former Attorney General, knew full-well that this order was beyond his legal reach."

Logan Georgiadis

"Human beings have a right to not have their property effectively seized by the state without due process. Human beings have a right to not be targeted by a small cadre of politicians who have decided they can do whatever they want whenever there's an emergency. Human beings have a right to assemble in groups, whether for religious practice, for commerce, or to oppose the abuses of the state. Human beings have a right to look for work and be hired any agreeable employer.

While even staunch classical liberals might concede the utility of strictly limited emergency powers in certain extreme circumstances, we are now six months into what politicians claimed was 'two weeks to slow the spread' with no end in sight. These enemies of human rights—with the support of at least a sizable minority of the population, have attempted to abolish all human rights 'until further notice' in a way absolutely unprecedented in American history."

Ryan McMaken

"All totalitarians – from the mass murdering tyrants to the progressives and the woke – insist on a cancel culture. The cancel culture is the executory arm of political correctness. Its purpose is to punish those who cross the bounds of acceptable speech. The severity of cancellation methods depends on the power that totalitarians wield in a given society. The more power they possess, the more severe the modes of cancellation. In our society modes of cancellation range from being removed from platforms of public discourse to being fired from one’s job.

In totalitarian societies, the cancellation modes normally range from imprisonment to death."

Vasko Kohlmayer

"In previous essays I have called those who now rampage not just in the streets but intellectually and culturally, 'Insaniacs,' that is, those possessed—and that indeed is the proper word—of an outlook and vision that is antithetical to the traditions and heritage of our civilization, the opposite of 'normal.' They are to quote G. K. Chesterton, 'insane,' in the sense that they reject the living reality and foundations of our history. They are indeed outside reality, and, thus, they feverishly attempt to create a new 'reality' which is disconnected from the laws of Nature and the past, and owes almost nothing to two-thousand years of Christian tradition. They are driven by an all-consuming madness—it is impossible to reason with them, it is impossible to compromise with them. No act, immoral or vicious as it may be, is beyond their use in their quest to destroy. Everyone, including their own adepts, must bend to the will of the Insanity. For it is a new paradigm, a new religion far more insistent, demanding and dogmatic than any church of the past."

Boyd Cathey

"Most of you are already informed enough to know that the American nation was founded as a republic, not a democracy.

A republic is a limited, representative, participatory government. A republic is the almost natural result of public order built upon the individual, the family, the church, business and many, many private associations and relations.

Democracy is not necessarily a representative government, but it is an illusory participatory government. People tend to think that democracy is evolved or modern republicanism

Democracy is truly a veil for a wicked government that places all matters, including personal and private ones, into the public view, for public legislation."

Bob Livingston

"I think we’re at the point where it is safe to say that the entire Wuhan virus scare was nothing more or less than a massive fraud perpetrated upon the American people by 'experts' who were determined to fundamentally change the way the country lives and is organized and governed. 

If there were justice, we’d send and a few dozen of these fascists to the gallows and gibbet their tarred bodies in chains until they fall apart."

Bill Crews

"While most believed democracy meant freedom, quite the opposite was the case. Actually, democracy, or its evil cousin, a democratic republic, is a far greater danger to liberty long-term than is a monarchy. This is because of mass deception instead of clarity.  The people once again were fooled into believing that a better solution had been won, and that they actually had a say in the process called government. It is instructive to understand that the Greek root of the word government means to 'control the mind.' Concerning politics, this is a much more honest term than democracy, which in Greek means people power. The simple reality of the political change in this country from early to modern times is one from monarchy to oligarchy. Ruling changed from one to a few, while the bulk of society still remain slaves of the state."

Gary D. Barnett

"Laws are no longer made by a rational process of public discussion; they are made by a process of blackmail and intimidation, and they are executed in the same manner."

H.L. Mencken 

"The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus is not a pandemic, it is the biggest crime in human history, since Cain killed Abel and reduced the human population by a quarter.   And there is no world police force to stop this ongoing felony.  At least not yet.

The intentional spread of a man-mutated coronavirus has a covert objective – – to involve the entire world in an exercise through panic and fear to 'cultivate a sense of global community.'  It is what the globalists call the Great Reset.

The usual suspects are behind it – – the U.N., the International Monetary Fund, the CIA, Mastercard, Microsoft, bankers, billionaire oligarchs and many billion-dollar corporations, who seek to rule the world economically via a global currency, using mind control and fear, and something called transhumanism where the human mind is melded with AI (automated intelligence).  Corporations dare not enter this worldwide scheme or be frozen out."

Bill Sardi

"A key takeaway (and I emphasize that because I expect it to otherwise bounce off the programmed psyches of most people) is that the very idea of the State itself is poisonous, evil, and intrinsically destructive. But, like so many bad ideas, people have come to assume it’s part of the cosmic firmament, when it’s really just a monstrous scam.

It’s a fraud, like your belief that you have a right to free speech because of the First Amendment, or a right to be armed because of the Second Amendment. No, you don’t. The U.S. Constitution is just an arbitrary piece of paper… entirely apart from the fact the whole thing is now just a dead letter. You have a right to free speech and to be armed because they’re necessary parts of being a free person, not because of what a political document says."

Doug Casey

"The picture painted is that a Trump 'win' is really a coup, and he will have to be driven from office.  Note that the expected coup is defined as Trump’s re-election, not the coup gamed by TIP against Trump.  Note also that these presstitutes are so stupid that it does not occur to them that with the CIA, Pentagon, FBI, and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) all against Trump, who is there to help him with his coup?

Clearly, the Democrats and the presstitutes regard the American public as too dumbs**t to notice that Trump cannot pull off a coup all by himself."

Paul Craig Roberts

"Whether it’s the academic community, the media elite, stalwarts of the Democratic Party or organizations such as the NAACP, the National Council of La Raza, Green for All, the Sierra Club and the Children’s Defense Fund, there is a great tolerance for the ideas of socialism — a system that has caused more deaths and human misery than all other systems combined. Today’s leftists, socialists and progressives would bristle at the suggestion that their agenda differs little from those of Nazi, Soviet and Maoist mass murderers. Keep in mind that one does not have to be in favor of death camps or wars of conquest to be a tyrant. The only requirement is that one must believe in the primacy of the state over individual rights."

Walter Williams

"Collectivism begins when a government starts offering free stuff to the population. At first, it’s something simple like free education or food stamps for the poor.

But soon, political leaders talk increasingly of 'entitlements' – a wonderful concept that by its very name suggests that this is something that’s owed to you, and if other politicians don’t support the idea, then they’re denying you your rights.

Once the idea of free stuff has become the norm and, more importantly, when the populace has come to depend upon it as a significant part of their 'diet,' more free stuff is offered.

It matters little whether the new entitlements are welfare, healthcare, free college, or a guaranteed basic wage. What’s important is that the herd come to rely on the entitlements."

Jeff Thomas

"The original complaint was that the 2020 election year is all about the same old shame and blame game by Republicans and Democrats calling each other un-American. The truth is that for better or worse we are all Americans. It’s just that some Americans are freedom-lovers and proclaim it while others are freedom-haters but won’t claim it."

Garry Reed

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