Thursday, April 20, 2017

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Texas Forced to Spend 22% of Budget on Regime ‘Health’ Boondoggle

And no, that doesn’t even include ObummerCare.

He’s already proven he’s just another politician by habitually killing. Now he’s further proven he’s just another politician by habitually lying.

He sees them as “hostile” since they repeatedly reveal the crimes against humanity perpetrated by his criminal regime, particularly the murderous agency he leads.

Let the ISIS recruiting drive begin!

Building your own targets to destroy keeps the war scam in motion.
And such efficiency- A $16,000,000 bomb used to take out (reportedly) 36 sand monkeys- That’s over $444,000 per carcass.

Oops, now the death tally is up to 94. That ups the efficiency to about $170,000 per carcass. It looks like the god-Trump’s “Swat team” is having an effect!

The DC Ruling Class lives in an impenetrable bubble.

There will always be confused loyalists blindly following the blind.

She believes people of some races are too stupid and helpless to secure an ID……and, most important, also stupid enough to vote for her hardcore Bolsheviks.

Raising millions to get billions in free shit for their adoring parasites.

We might be one election away from the Hammer & Sickle flying over North America.

Notice how the Lincoln Cultists can’t deny the NC lawmaker’s truthful statements. They can only reply with, “get over it.” These programmed loyalists continue to prove themselves as a weak, easily-to-be-defeated opponent.

Why shouldn’t they ignore the crime of the century? They were the instigators.

“We need to understand why the increase in rates of diabetes development varies so greatly and is so concentrated in specific racial and ethnic groups."

Really? Just walk into any fast food joint and note the race of customers chowing down on crap. These overpaid health Nazis apparently see no connection between diet and disease. They’ll probably blame such conditions on “racism.” Or “discrimination.” Or “spending cuts.” Or “white privilege.” Or “angry white men.”

The "Crime here?" This is what the tax slave receives in “benefits” from an agency with a $30 billion annual budget!

Emperors Show Off Their War Toys:


And they never warned software manufacturers about it. What are the odds that the NSA will accept responsibility for any resulting disasters?
Note: Only older, unsupported Microsoft versions seem to be vulnerable.

The Regime needs to protect the “privacy” of its crony plunderers.

And the lawyers make out like bandits.

The Regime’s solution? Get rid of the polygraph test.

I see this happening quite a lot, recently, throughout the US Collective. Gangsters return home from the Imperial City to defend it’s latest dictates and the subjects are hostile. 
The belief that one city can centrally plan and run the lives of 320 million people over a huge geographic area with a “one size fits all” mentality is patently absurd.

They consider it “traitorous” to expose their crimes.

What little testing that has been done has shown poor and unreliable performance.

How many "protected" people will die when the missiles start flying?

Another gift from ObummerCare.

Some good news for the resistance:

States will no longer be forced to subsidize baby killers with stolen money. At least until the next Emperor takes the throne.

Two versions of anti-liberty bigots have a street fight, further discrediting their mutually held philosophy. These are the two primary factions fighting for control of the Empire that claims to rule you. This leaves political separation as the only logical course of reaction and resistance.

The resistance’s cup runneth over.

No “law” is (supposedly) broken as long as the weed is given away. It certainly makes more sense than “writing your congressman.”
It’s encouraging that even local slaves of The Imperial City are reasserting their sovereignty.

It’s a shame he seems clueless on what to do about them.
His question: “What if we don’t really govern ourselves? What do we do about it?
Answer: “Secession!”

Why remain a suffering subject? Secession, anyone?

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