Thursday, April 13, 2017

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime Celebrates the War That Ruined the 20th Century

Why ruined? Because it led to nearly every other world conflict (including the bankrupting Cold War) and the creation of the Regime’s National Security State. 
Such a remembrance does not impart the lessons learned from history. It only glorifies the error and effort, inspiring the mistake to be repeated.

He assists jihadis (supposedly his enemy) by….. attacking their enemy.

Let me see if I have this straight- Killing children with shrapnel bombs and even nuclear weapons is okay but killing them with chemical bombs “crosses the line.” 
What “line” is that- the line of illogic and insanity?

The DC Death Cult is orgasmic with joy.

Up to now, he just hadn’t killed enough people (and enjoyed doing so) to satisfy them.

“With him [Assad] in power, we cannot reach a peaceful settlement.”
Translated: “With him in power, we cannot occupy and colonize Syria.”

It now means “first” to kill and start wars.

Terrorists working together for mutual benefit.

Soon, The Imperial City will dictate every company’s wage rates.

Soon, The Imperial City will dictate what is “acceptable speech.”

He has tasted blood……and likes it. Apparently, egos have no growth limits.

Somehow, this has something to do with “education.”

But they didn’t do it with poisonous gas, so that makes it okay.

Apparently he feels more expensive Regime bombs kill “more nicer.”

How? By killing them with more expensive, overpriced weapons? This clown reminds me of an eight year old playing King of the Mountain.

They feel they own it all, anyway, so why not give the greenie goo-goos an opportunity to virtue signal on social media.

If so, maybe emotionally driven females and their p-whipped male counterparts are now ruling the world.

“Even if Afghan forces are mostly self-sufficient they will likely require international financial support for many years.”
Translated: War whore profits are protected for years to come.

They’re now part of the “welfare wagon of NATO.”

“Either you join our team or we won’t like you anymore!”

It will be hard to decide who to root for…..

The ex-hired killers have “valuable skills” to “strengthen our communities.” 
This makes as much sense as saying an experienced oil driller would make an excellent dentist.

So sick people make good cops? 

The DC Death Cult doesn’t want to be short handed when it’s time to kill. Their voluntary slavery may become downright involuntary.

Think of it as The Regime brewing up some “cultural enrichment” to soon release into the country.

And if you share the same name as a listee, it’s up to you to prove you’re not them. And if you don’t, you’re financially screwed.

Notice the convoluted logic used in justifying his claim.

And in just six months. Of course, that is not near enough to pay for all the wonderful, vital services we receive…….

Some good news for the resistance:

Say “bye-bye” to the criminal Fed.

It takes a small step toward reasserting its sovereignty. A small but significant step along the road to secession and independence.

Unfortunately, only minor damage reported.

Why remain a suffering subject? Secession, anyone?

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