Saturday, April 8, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"[Leftists] see cultural division of any kind on the part of the west as inherently evil. Ironically, when it comes to so called 'victim groups' like Muslims, social-justice warriors will argue that their aggressively divisive behavior is off limits to criticism because you have to be from that culture to understand it'.  So, tribalism on the part of designated victim groups is beyond reproach, and tribalism on the part of westerners is a cancer that must be eradicated. The double standard is evident."
Brandon Smith

"When culture evolves at its own pace, it can be wonderfully marvelous.  When cultural evolution is forced, it is a source of certain conflict."
Bionic Mosquito

"Group identity can be any religious group, any racial group, any fraternal group — either secret or open — and any social group. As one loses his/her identity to group thought, then he/she becomes manipulated by the phony altruistic pronouncements of politicians and authority. This is to say that when one loses self he is transferred to group thought. We are one or the other.
Governments and their politicians strive to move humanity from the ego or self to the group. This is the foundation of government deception and power. The stronger the group’s appeal, the more one can be led into and deceived by altruism and altruistic appeals. The goal of this deception is to con people into ceding more power and wealth to the entrenched elite based on phony altruistic nonsense."
Bob Livingston

"Institutionalism has its roots in a struggle between the effective forms generated by the human action, and the processes that created such entities or practices. Those who benefit from maintaining the status quo are always opposed to liberty, for change is implicit in autonomous activity. A synonym for 'liberty' is 'choice,' and the choice depends on individuals being free to act upon options they perceive to advance their self-interests. When your actions and mine are guided by the 'property' principle (i.e., to do as we choose regarding what each of us owns, but with our decision-making ending at the boundary line that separates our property interests from one another) the quality of human life is maximized."
Butler Shaffer

"Carbon dioxide is a natural constituent component of the atmosphere, like water vapor and nitrogen and oxygen. To characterize CO2 as a 'pollutant' is either a titanic imbecility or a purposeful attempt to mislead."
Eric Peters

"The bottom line is that all members of the Radical Left have one thing in common: They absolutely, positively, and sincerely believe in their moral superiority. And, much like radical Muslims, if you refuse to yield to their demands, they have no choice but to destroy you. After all, if you’re morally superior, you have a blank check to do whatever is necessary to save the world."
Robert Ringer

"In spite of traditional schooling's emphasis on the myth of the great man as the key to societal change, I'm free enough from the matrix to realize that revolutions have always been the result of small remnants who subverted outdated systems through innovation while the confident majority lulled itself to sleep through the same old tired debates about who should get to control the existing system."

"The elite have as an objective the destruction of western civilization; a culture of classical liberalism grounded in Christian morality is a challenge to the growth of state power.  The elite have as an objective the maintaining of 'government' as that term is understood today.
The elite have found fellow-travelers in the libertine and Big Government Libertarians, respectively."
Bionic Mosquito

"Contemporary libertarians often assume, mistakenly, that individuals are bound to each other only by the nexus of market exchange. They forget that everyone is necessarily born into a family, a language, and a culture. Every person is born into one of several overlapping communities, usually including an ethnic group, with specific values, cultures, religious beliefs, and traditions. . . . The ‘nation’ cannot be precisely defined; it is a complex and varying constellation of different forms of communities, languages, ethnic groups or religions. . . . The question of nationality is made more complex by the interplay of objectively existing reality and subjective perceptions."
Murray Rothbard

"Texas with its resources and spirit of Liberty doesn’t need the U.S. and its massive and growing debt, its violation of constitutional governance, and its unwillingness to reform under both Democratic and Republican administrations. Simply put, there’s little that Washington does for us that we can’t do ourselves. For these reasons and more, growing numbers of Texans have concluded that we’d be better off without the federal government and their unaccountable regulatory state, their overreaching judiciary, and their Presidents and Congresses that either have no corporate understanding of the principle of limited government or merely hold it in contempt, ignoring it for the way it interferes with their schemes for all of us."
Daniel Miller

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