Saturday, February 9, 2013

State Gangsters Steal Businessmen’s Cash

Some local state protection rackets are glowing with pride about how they stole $1.7 million dollars from honest businessmen a couple years ago. They justified their theft as a “seizure,” because the money was intended for the purchase of “illegal” plants.

The loot has since been divided up between the Texas Department of Public Safety, Collin and Dallas Counties, and the City of Wylie.

“It is a huge deal — $1.7 million is dramatic and we’re all Texans here so you’ll be very happy that over $1.1 million is going to the state of Texas for the operations of the Department of Public Safety,” Texas U.S. Attorney Malcolm Bales explained.

Why should Texans be happy that all this stolen money will be going to DPS? These funds will only be used to further strengthen and empower an agency that harasses, steals from, and even kills Texans. Why would any rational Texan be happy about that?

The Texans who had their money stolen certainly aren’t happy. They were just peaceful businessmen looking to satisfy the needs of their customers. And those customers (also Texans) are rather peeved by the inconvenience of having to find another supplier.

The only “happy” Texans are statist authoritarians who enjoy the satisfaction of depriving others of plants not approved by the ruling class. The only “happy” Texans are the state apparatchiks that were enriched, not because they satisfied the desires of customers or bettered the world in some way, but because they outright stole the property of others!

At least comrade Bales seems to recognize the futility of his actions:

“We’re putting more people in prison than ever before. These types of seizures are happening not routinely, but regularly. We’re really hitting them where they really live. And yet there is so much more to do because the appetite for the drugs seems insatiable.”

Yes, free thinking human beings will continue to seek to satisfy these “insatiable” appetites. That’s what humans do. And your unjust actions committed against peaceful people, Comrade Bales, will never stop it.

But then, that "job" security is just what you’re hoping for, isn’t it?

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

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Kent McManigal said...

What gets me is how many "citizens" are still in favor of this type of theft. What will it take for people to "wake up"? Unfortunately, I think I know. What is it they say? Wise people learn from the mistakes of others, normal people learn from their own mistakes, and stupid people don't learn.