Monday, February 4, 2013

Hired Killer Murdered by Fellow Hired Killer

Chris Kyle, considered the military’s deadliest sniper was shot in the back and killed by one of his colleagues at a Texas gun range. What strikes me first upon hearing this news is the irony of a warrior, celebrated and recognized among his own, being murdered by one of his own.

That irony is further intensified upon learning that Kyle was reported to be assisting this individual to adapt back to civilian life. Apparently, he failed. Eddie Ray Routh, the accused assassin, is said to suffer from a mind warped and degraded by war. PTSD is nothing more than the rational part of the mind desperately trying to justify and make sense of the irrational actions witnessed and executed by the sufferer. That cerebral war is often manifested into physical violence.

Kyle has been quoted as saying he suffered no remorse for his sniper killings. According to Laurence Vance’s post about Kyle’s murder, “He said that every person he shot was trying to harm Americans or Iraqis loyal to the new government.” In other words, Kyle killed people because they were loyal to a different slave master than the one Mr. Kyle held allegiance to. It was not done in the action of self-defense. This purely aggressive act Mr. Kyle would defend as “honorable.” I would classify it as the actions of a hired killer.

Kent McManigal summed up Kyle’s work history as well as anyone I’ve read:

“What this supposed ‘man’ did was wrong on every level. He was an invader, murdering legitimate defenders in defense of his ‘brother’ invaders. He wasn't ‘fighting for freedom‘- not for you and not for me. He was only fighting to advance the goals of an illegitimate Empire on the other side of the planet. He was an enemy of liberty and ALL that is decent. He was not ‘brave.’ He deserved no thanks or admiration. He was a compliant and enthusiastic hired murderer.”
I saw one comment that proposed that Kyle was possibly killed because he was an “oath keeper” and his murder was part of a false flag operation. This is comical when you consider that Kyle participated in three tours of duty in an illegal, unconstitutional war in Iraq. Not much oathkeepin’ going on there.   Those who create a lot of negative karma tend to suffer the same fate they imposed upon others. “Live by the sword, die by the sword,” “You reap what you sow,” and “violence begets violence” are a few proven truths that instantly come to mind. In Mr. Kyle I see an individual who was highly respected by millions of people, yet he represents that personal failure so often witnessed in those who kill- a failure to evolve any further than man thousands of years ago when he first picked up a rock and said, “Ugh.” This is the best mankind has to offer the universe- recognition and respect for a superior adeptness at killing?

Erath County, TX Sheriff Tommy Bryant was asked what the possible motive of Kyle’s shooting may have been. "Not a clue, absolutely no idea," he replied. The same can be said when asked the reason Iraq was attacked, occupied, and it’s people murdered. The same answer can be offered when asked why man still believes that killing and war can create anything positive.

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