Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Loyalists Halt Traffic to Worship Murderer’s Carcass

Loyalists give a Nazi-like salute to a murdered hired killer
On Tuesday, thousands of US loyalists lined Interstate-35 in north and central Texas in a robust display of state worship. The object of their adoration was the body of Chris Kyle, The Emperor’s leading hit man during the Iraq Crusades. The recently murdered Kyle was being transported via a 200 vehicle escort from Midlothian to Austin to his final resting patch of dirt.

Unfortunately, the 200 mile process of transport caused untold number of travel delays for hundreds of motorists. Drivers along Interstate 35 (one of the busiest motorways in the US collective) were not allowed to pass the procession and none, apparently, dared be quoted bemoaning their inconvenience. To do so would probably mean risking being lynched.

Comments enticed from the roadside congregation explaining their presence at such a spectacle came directly from the Book of Statist Cliches and Sound Bites:

“Love of country. Love of family. The willingness to lay down your life for others.”

“Patriotism. American Spirit. Freedom.”

“We’re free because of what he did. Everybody’s free.”

“That’s why my hand was over my heart, you know? It’s for my country and to say thank you to him.”

The purpose of my analysis is not to make fun of such people or profess my anger at such backward thinking. I’ve learned to see them not as enemies, but otherwise (for the most part) decent people who have yet to become awakened and enlightened to the true nature and purpose of the state they adore and revere. But their continued cluelessness has me very concerned.

Texas is often mentioned in learned discussion as the state most likely to secede first. But when I witness events such as this, I become very pessimistic that such a desired act will ever come to fruition. I find myself hoping that these overt state religionists are really the minority, and that a “silent majority” that think otherwise are biting their tongues, hesitant to expose their contrary views. It’s hard to be optimistic toward the probability of state secession when I view continuing glorification of state murder and the honoring of those tasked to initiate such murder.

When the US finally collapses and state secession will be all but necessary, I wonder how such folks will react when their venerable paradigm is smashed before their eyes. Will it be quiet resignation or noisy protest and retribution? Whatever the case it will be up to us folks, long since intellectually and emotionally prepared for such an inevitability, to help them through their difficult adjustment.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters



Kent McManigal said...

My recent blog post on his death earned me a lot of nasty comments from his fan club; some links were apparently posted on pro-murder sites. And it got me one bit of hate mail:

"[XXXX] Texas
Good place for you and your kind. Real Man?
You disgrace this state. But you do provide good entertainment of sorts. All hat and no cattle for sure.
[XXXX] is the perfect place for you."

I found the guy on Facebook using his email address, and found he lives in Arlington TX, and is a Chris Kyle lover.

Enlightened Rogue said...

Can any of these people make a comment without including a cliché? They rarely offer any well thought argument with an historical perspective- just cliché’s and slogans.
Reading the comments at local news sites shows there are a lot of Kyle Krazys out there.