Friday, March 9, 2012

Thoughts About Faith and Reason

Belief in Christianity certainly requires faith- but no more so than believing that an institution (government) consisting of corruptible men, given a monopoly of power (yet “regulated” by a Piece of Paper), can protect the lives and liberties of individuals. The problem with Christians is not their religious faith, it is their loyalty to church institutions- subscribing to church dogma and the perfunctory bowing to, and believing, the rants of salvation gatekeepers (preachers). This is similar to the problem statists have with believing state propaganda and accepting the spoken and written gibberish of politicians. In this control system, individual thought and action must yield to collectivist, obedient response to central planning and control by self-professed elites.

You, as an individual, born with the tool of reason, are blessed with an advantage that every other member of the animal kingdom envies. By all means, use that tool and rise above the nonsense that permeates the mainstream culture and discussion. Release your soul from the pressure to conform. Free your mind from the powers that aim to enslave it.

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