Wednesday, March 7, 2012

School Honored for Collecting Garbage

A school in Mesquite, Texas has been honored for it’s students success at collecting huge amounts of supposed “recyclable” materials, i.e., garbage.

The students at Sam Rutherford Elementary, “averaged 38 pounds of material per day per student, more than seven times the national average. This was very close to the best of ANY school in the contest (the winning school reached a stunning 42 lbs). Regardless, the 37 pounds reached by Rutherford meant they won 'best of state.' They are officially now the best recycling school in Texas.”

Are you also “stunned” or impressed? The powers-that-be in Mesquite certainly are, as they have a grand celebration planned to honor the school for taking the “state title.” No, the school and its “educators” will not be honored for enlightening their students about the wonders of the world they live in, the surrounding, infinite universe, and the mysteries to be solved and marvels to be experienced. No, they will not be recognized for motivating students to think for themselves and search within for the unique, inherent, value and talent characteristic of every living individual. No, they will not be complimented for encouraging students to explore the fascinating, aforementioned mysteries of this boundless universe. No, these educators will not be toasted for motivating each child’s creativity to offer solutions to such mysteries.

Instead, the school will be honored because they were able to motivate and encourage their students to be best at……collecting garbage.

These students will never hear from their controllers about the economic inefficiency of most of this recycling effort. They will only be indoctrinated with the collectivist meme that these materials MUST be collected and reused to prevent harm to the planet. This type of activity also teaches obedience to authorities that “know best” and to mindlessly follow their direction- goals, of course, characteristic of any state controlled “education.” Collectivist thought, obedience, and activity supersede any individual initiative.

As Glenn Horowitz, in his article, Dumberer and Dumberest writes:

“If you're not familiar with it, the Prussian system was a teaching methodology designed to stamp out good little worker bees assembly-line fashion, trained to be complacent with their station in life and compliant with every demand of the State. An elite of those better educated but still proven unquestioningly loyal to the State were promoted to lead the proletariat, rewarded with elevated status and material success commensurate with their skills and the zeal they demonstrate in supporting the system. It specifically avoided developing creativity and independent thought, reasoning these were skills the worker classes didn't need in their roles as mass produced labor.”

If the state can successfully motivate and convince students that collecting trash is a sensible and productive use of their time, it should make the state’s future challenge much easier- that dying in the empire’s wars (or at least giving up their liberties) is certainly worth the cost and sacrifice of not only their time, but their very lives.

And if they choose not to follow such a direction, this newfound skill of collecting trash will serve them well in that dark, dystopian future when they’ll be dumpster diving, trying to survive.

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