Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Controllers Make a Huge Mistake

The global, controlling elites have made a catastrophic error in judgment. They tried to make use of the alternative media to spread their deceptive propaganda and it has backfired. The KONY 2012 video was immediately proven not only deceptive but its message and producers as outright frauds.

The controllers, for decades, have owned and manipulated the mainstream, state regulated media to their advantage. Because information was filtered through a small number of news gathering bodies, contrary information, news, and opinions were conveniently censored from public consumption. A vertical control system (with the governing elites at the top) prevented any such information from interfering with their agendas.

Seeing the low cost and immediate and viral spread of information possible through alternative media (thanks to a relatively, still free internet), the controllers saw another opportunity to spread their deception. The problem (for them) is that the internet is a horizontal system of information networks, free of any command and control filtering which allows individuals to freely seek near infinite sources of information and opinion. Individuals can, through experience, decide themselves which sources are credible and reliable This network also allows ANYONE to become a source of information or opinion. Due to this open and free network, and the free exchange of information it fosters, the dishonest and deceiving content contained in KONY 2012 was quickly exposed. In an environment of unsuppressed information, the truth will ultimately prevail.

If the internet remains free (a condition that is threatened daily) the governing elites have no chance continually and successfully deceiving, controlling, murdering, stealing from, and destroying the liberties of free individuals. Keep the pressure on.

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