Monday, February 6, 2012

Why Should I Believe Liars?

Alex Ansary reports on a recent outreach by some liberty loving individuals in Dallas, TX, educating passersby about the NDAA Act:

Ignore these lying, two-faced soldier boys who claim to have taken an “oath” to “defend” a Piece of Paper. They work for, get paid by and take orders from the very state that oppresses you. Why should you believe them? These misleading mercenaries want to have it both ways- keep drawing the sweet pay and benefits from serving in the state’s praetorian guards but still claim to be a liberty loving individual. How can they “defend” this Piece of Paper while at the same time murdering foreigners in illegal wars of empire, thereby violating the restrictions contained in that very Piece of Paper? They have admittedly participated in criminal acts. Therefore, they are criminals. Why should I believe unrepentant criminals?

How can one who enjoys living as a military slave have any appreciation of liberty? I assure you, people willing to kill on command (like these hired killers) lack any conscience about violating someone’s liberty. Are you willing to believe, when given the order to kidnap or kill you, they will ignore this order? If they really want to keep their “oath,” they should be resigning in droves, deserting, or seeking conscientious objector status.

Oaths are merely words that disappear into the vapor. They are meaningless unless backed by action. If these mercenaries truly defended the Piece of Paper against “all enemies foreign and domestic,” they would be ignoring the non-existent “foreign” enemies and concentrating on the “domestic” variety. May I suggest padlocking DC, evacuating it, and returning it back to the swamp from whence it came. You folks are well trained in destruction. I'll leave that job you.

Don’t just repeal the parts of this act that violates the Piece of Paper- repeal the whole damn act (including funding provided by stolen money) and put these losers out of business! Secession and abolition is the way to go.

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