Monday, February 27, 2012

A ‘Symbol Minded’ Veteran

In one of his routines, legendary comic George Carlin spoke about the silliness of revered symbols  (at 4:55 on the video) and referred to those who exhibited such behavior as “symbol-minded people.” He explained how people wasted time and effort concerning themselves with idiotic symbols- whether it be their use, misuse, or abuse.

A real life example of such a person can be found in Rockwall, TX where at least one citizen/slave is upset that a flagpole flying the US flag at the county courthouse is now five feet shorter than when it was installed.

"It makes my blood boil," says retired US Army Lt. Col. Tom Galli. "It's as if someone came out here with a can of spray paint and sprayed it all over the wall." Galli claims that shortening the pole desecrates “the flag he defended and others died for.” Apparently, civilization has still not advanced to the point that people find it ridiculous that anyone would defend, let alone martyr themselves, to “defend” a piece of cloth. Even defending what this flag represents (US imperialism) is a hard argument to sell among rational folk.

Mr. Galli represents well the skewed thought pattern and childish priorities of the “symbol-minded.” His concern revolves around a pole flying a colored rag that is now five feet shorter (horrors!) yet seems not to notice that the sky where this rag is flying (check the news image) is full of poisonous chem-trails from state sponsored aerosol spraying, spreading poisonous aluminum oxide, strontium, barium and even salts, polluting our soils, water and bodies- and all of it, of course, discharged by the nation state that is represented by the flag for which he has such a religious affection for!

That fact is not even on the radar for such a pitiful, brainwashed loyalist. Realistically, trying to explain such an ironic truth to the likes of Mr Galli would be wasting breath. Pointing out the foolishness of his position, considering these facts, would be met with the empty stare characteristic of one who has suffered a lifetime of mind destroying indoctrination. He has been taught to value meaningless, trite, nonsense while blissfully ignoring realities that threaten his very existence. I’m afraid pity towards Mr. Galli would be the only reasonable reaction- and concern for the future when remembering that he represents, to people considered "mainstream," as normal, “patriotic,” and a reputable member of the voting force which empowers the state’s rulers.

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