Saturday, February 25, 2012

How One Day Can Change a Life

I highly recommend viewing these two InfoWars videos interviewing Kurt Haskell. Kurt and his wife were on the plane during the infamous “Underwear Bomber” incident on Christmas Day, 2009. Thanks to Kurt, we now know the “terrorist” was placed on the plane by the US Government. If you’re not already familiar with the details, this video will be beneficial- though I do also recommend you view all Alex Jones’ interviews with Kurt and read material written by him about his experience.

What most impressed me about this particular interview is how just one experience on one day of Kurt’s life has totally radicalized his view of government and awakened him to the uncomfortable reality that his government is truly a band of renegade criminals. Many of us come to this realization gradually (like yours truly) but some have an overnight epiphany that awakens them suddenly from their open-eyed slumber. Such is the case with Kurt.

Whatever your case, I implore you to help others awaken, as Kurt had done so effectively. Whatever your talent, use it to spread the message of liberty to others. Explain how liberty is their birthright as sovereign, free born individuals and not to tolerate any threats against that birthright by depraved, greedy, gangster sociopaths.

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