Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“To those who would argue that coercion is necessary to foster freedom, that force is a prerequisite for peace and that the expropriation of individuals’ property on threat of violence is compulsory to fund an agency that, alone, is capable of guaranteeing safety and prosperity, we say: you don’t know the real meaning of anarchy, you don’t know what voluntarism is and, until you do, you will never know what it means to be truly free.”
Joel Bowman

“War is the spectacular and bloody projection of our everyday living. We precipitate war out of our daily lives; and without a transformation in ourselves, there are bound to be national and racial antagonisms, the childish quarreling over ideologies, the multiplication of soldiers, the saluting of flags, and all the many brutalities that go to create organized murder.”
J. Krishnamurti

“So much of the big lie that we’re witnessing on the world stage is simply projected pride – the big, fat, stinking manufactured pride of pathological egomaniacs reinforcing a fabricated world of their ugly, demented imaginations. Whether world conquest piggy-backing on natural and manufactured catastrophes, or attempting to morph humanity and terraform our environment to meet their specifications for world control, it’s all defensive.
They’re scared.”
Zen Gardner

“Remember: The system relies on our tacit consent. Withdraw that consent and the system will be laid bare for what it is.
And then it will not last long.”
Eric Peters

“Responsible men a women bear the costs of their actions, confine their decision making to their own property interests, and do not impose burdens upon others . Political institutions, on the other hand, are the epitome of irresponsibility because their very nature consists in violating property boundaries.”
Butler Shaffer

“Banish the word 'struggle' from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we have been waiting for."
Hopi elders

“The dogs of war are set to be loosed upon the throat of anyone who gives voice to peaceful opposition and creative resistance; for this is the Wolfsbane they have continuously stomped upon. The assassinated messengers of peace comprise a long and distinguished list of familiar names, but is also a list filled with myriad third-world democratically-elected leaders who had the hubris to suggest that their nations and people should remain independent from fascist jackals with nothing more to offer than loaded words and loaded guns.”
Nicholas West

“From a Commie under every bush, America has moved to a Mommy behind every bush. Can I have my Commies back?”
Fred Reed

“The federal government does not need an efficient manager. That's a pipe dream based on the noble but flawed premise that government can be made to operate as a business. It cannot. Business is subject to the forces of free choice, supply and demand, and competition. Can you imagine government subjecting itself to the forces of competition? Can you imagine government permitting us to ignore it?”
Andrew P. Napolitano

“The difference between chattel slaves and 21st century slaves can be measured in degrees. Just as slave owners staked ownership claims on their slaves, the government stakes an ownership claim on you. The two masters are exactly the same in the fact that both wish to only extract your labor, the state just found a more efficient way of doing it. By claiming ownership of your labor the state has staked an ownership claim on to your own body.”
Chris Dates

“Governments ignore their own 'permission to exist documents- their ‘hall pass'- and will kidnap or even kill those who point out the violations.”
Kent McManigal
From the Darkness:
“It might seem that Paul’s libertarianism is the very opposite of theocracy, but that’s true only if you want to impose theocracy at the federal level. In general, Christian Reconstructionists favor a radically decentralized society, with communities ruled by male religious patriarchs. Freed from the power of the Supreme Court and the federal government, they believe that local governments could adopt official religions and enforce biblical law.”
Michelle Goldberg, Daily Beast

"I am sure [Ron] Paul’s motives derive from ideological fervor rather than a conscious desire to oppress minorities. But the relationship between the abstract principles of his worldview and the ugly racism with which it has so frequently been expressed is hardly coincidental."
Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine

“I think a lot has changed since 2008 actually, and I think there has been a lot of soul searching in the financial services industry, quite rightly too.
It is important not to treat banking lik esome mysterious art. Banking is a business and all businesses fact this question- what is your contribution to human welfare and to the common good.”
Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint, UK, a former chairman of HSBC [Good luck finding a “soul” in the financial industry.]

"I don’t see us as militarizing police, I see us as keeping abreast with society, and we are a gun crazy society.”
William Bratton, Homeland Security adviser

"We will ensure that our military is agile, flexible and ready for the full range of contingencies."
B. Obama, reassuring us that his hired assassins are ready to kill still more people

“One of the criticisms I make is to what I refer to as more of a libertarian-ish right. They have this idea that people should be left alone, be able to do whatever they want to do, government should keep our taxes down and keep our regulations low, that we shouldn’t get involved in the bedroom, we shouldn’t get involved in cultural issues. That is not how traditional conservatives view the world. There is no such society, that I’m aware of where we’ve had radical individualism and that it succeeds as a culture.”
Rick Santorum, authoritarian, fascist candidate for US Dictator

“But when ideas are blocked, information deleted, conversations stifled, and people constrained in their choices, the internet is diminished for all of us. What we do today to preserve fundamental freedoms online will have a profound effect on the next generation of users. More than two billion people are now connected to the internet, but in the next 20 years, that number will more than double. And we are quickly approaching the day when more than a billion people are using the internet in repressive countries. The pledges we make and the actions we take today can help us determine whether that number grows or shrinks, or whether the meaning of being on the internet is totally distorted.”
Queen Hypocrite Hillary, top ranking official of a regime that has openly declared war on a free internet

“I think Jefferson or George Washington would have rather strongly discouraged youth from growing marijuana and their techniques with dealing with it would have been rather more violent than the current government.”
New Gingrich, supposed “historian” who doesn’t know that Washington and Jefferson grew marijuana

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