Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eleven Down, Thousands to Go

"After a raucous meeting lasting more than four hours with police intervention, Dallas ISD trustees voted to close 11 elementary schools, which will result in 177 layoffs of full-time employees."

I suppose it’s good news that there will be eleven less indoctrination centers where children are abused and molested. It's also uplifting to know there are 177 less tax eaters on the payroll. Of course, these children (livestock to their handlers) will merely be shipped to other holding pens (other government “schools”) where they will be brain washed and trained like poodles to obey their masters, instructed thoroughly in the mythology of state benevolence, and motivated to fight the Empire’s wars.

"Treating teachers with respect is not that expensive. Do it!"

I love it when the authoritarianism of state loyalists is blatantly displayed. Perhaps I would have more “respect” for these teachers if they didn’t put a gun to my head, forcing me to help fund their criminally failing schools and bloated salaries. Make your case to me through peaceful persuasion, rather than rudely demanding, “Do it!”

The ensuing chaos at the described school board meeting exemplifies well the utter depravity of mob-ocracy. Gangs of parent-parasites gather to demand others pay for the education of their children. No alternative is even discussed or researched. The spirit of entitlement runs deep among those indoctrinated in collectivist ideology. Otherwise peaceful individuals who abhor thievery when committed by other individuals see no problem with robbing their neighbor via state agents. After all, this state committed theft is validated, excused, and justified by that mysterious, nebulous scheme known as the “social contract.” This contract is enforced through violence, when necessary, against any individual that does not consent to the arrangement. The only alternative offered to those who refuse this arrangement is to physically leave the geographic region they call home. Moving only finds still another gang of parent-parasites demanding tribute.

Parental responsibility somehow morphs into a communal act whereby others are forced to finance this educational activity, but are allowed little or no direct input and control over its operation.

These freeloaders scream, “Pay the teachers, keep the doors open,” yet offer no voluntary financial support of their own to make up the reported shortfall. If these schools are so important, successful, and effective, why are not people lining up to voluntarily support them?

“No Justice! No Peace!”

I’ll say. Their certainly is no justice for the victims of collectivist greed. And I can assure you, there will be no peace as long as such theft is occurring and tolerated.

For the victims of state controlled, child indoctrination centers (both the children and the forced financiers), the demise of these dens of deficiency can’t come soon enough.

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