Tuesday, January 3, 2012

He Forgot the Gun

Michael Anthony Fuller, 53 walked into a Lexington, NC Walmart attempting to pay for his merchandise with a million dollar bill. Despite his insistence that the bill was real, the clerk turned him down and called the police.

Mr. Miller neglected to bring along one very important component necessary to give legitimacy to his paper currency- a gun. The US Government produces fiat money, based on nothing, in the form of Federal Reserve Notes. They are backed by nothing but a promise. The dirty, little secret, unknown to many, is that the acceptance of each FRN is enforced by an invisible gun that forces all participants in a transaction to accept such worthless paper as legitimate currency.

The irony is that if Mr. Fuller had brought a gun, he would have also been arrested for attempted robbery. When can we expect identical charges against those who offer that other funny money?

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