Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cease and Desist!

Though our US rulers respect no limit on harassing its tax cattle, they do seem to prefer boundaries when similar torment is directed towards them.

Reports PersonalLiberty.com:

“A Milwaukee man who has made multiple daily calls to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) has been told to stop or risk punishment at the hands of Capitol Police.”

It appears that one of the tax slaves “represented” by plantation overseer Johnson has made an inordinate and inappropriate number of contacts (by both mail and phone) to Johnson's office. This has offended Overseer Johnson sufficiently that he has forwarded a demand to his overly persistent “constituent:”

“Dear Mr. Good:
This Cease and Desist letter is to inform you that any further communication from you to U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s office can only be done in writing. This means that you are not to call or visit any of Senator Johnson’s staff or any of his offices at any time. Our office has done all that we can to assist you with your concerns. This letter acts as written notice of our expectation for you to discontinue your unwarranted telephone calls and office visits. If you fail to comply with this notice, then we will have no other alternative but to contact the United States Capitol Police and report your noncompliance.
Ron Johnson’s staff U.S. Senate”

I’d be interested in just what action the US Capitol Police would take considering Mr. Good is halfway across the country from the District of Criminals. My guess would be persistent, harassing phone calls that Mr. Good should ignore. I’m sure Mr. Good has caller ID as well, and should ignore any numbers with a DC area code.

Overseer Johnson laughably declares that Mr. Good’s persistence “crosses the bounds of decency.” A rather sickly ironic statement, don’t you think, to come from a tyrannical politi-gangster that serves a predatory, thieving, murdering state mafia masquerading as a benevolent master? An arrogant, hypocritical description, don’t you think, from one who willfully instigates acts of physical and financial terror around the world to satisfy his collective’s lust for power and domination?

Perhaps other downtrodden, American slaves should eagerly follow Mr. Good’s lead and commit such “harassment.” Repetitive contact seems like small punishment for such liberty stealing despots that arrogantly claim to rule you through extortion and violence, but ignore you when you politely resist. Certainly, they deserve much worse.

Multiply Mr. Good’s actions by thousands and you can visualize the widespread chaos that would ensue in that domed, DC terror cell.

Continued “harassment” may even encourage them to pack up and leave!

Why just stop at “draining the swamp?” Empty and padlock the whole depraved city! It’s time for individuals and even the fifty, sovereign, kidnapped states to reassert their sovereignty. For the USG, however, it’s high time to “Cease and Desist!”

To help you out, I’ll even add a few more action verbs to the demand: “Shut Down!” “Liquidate!” “Expire!” “Disappear!”

Secession, anyone?

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