Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dismantle the State First, Then It’s Borders

I used to think that open borders and treating migrants as fellow sovereigns would help destroy the power of that particular state collective that oppresses me. I figured that supporting the enforcement of the state’s borders was consent to the state’s rule and therefore should be ignored. I’ve since come to realize that such a viewpoint is not practical in the reality of a state controlled world and will create even more oppression than I currently experience.

Look at Germany- Yes, they have borders but the state has created a de facto obliteration of such borders by allowing unrestricted immigration of violent, low IQ, illiterate, culturally medieval monkeys and forcibly integrating them among pre-existing sovereigns. This forced integration also includes coerced financial support and demanded tolerance of these invading hordes. The inevitable conflicts were easy to predict. And look who the state is protecting- not the pre-existing sovereigns and their property, but rather the low IQ, illiterate, culturally medieval monkeys!

To a ruler committed to obtaining ultimate power, there are no better subjects than parasites and deviants- the former looking for a big daddy to support them, the latter needing an enabler for attention, comfort, and protection.

State power will continually increase as the culture conflict increases. The state feeds off conflict and misery. Will the state admit to their error and reverse their failed policy? Of course not! They will offer still more “solutions” that create still more winners and losers……and still more conflict.

This conflict will create more calls of state intervention, not less, among the resident loyalist populace, leading to still more power transferred from individuals to the state. Border abolition and the resulting invasion will not help abolish the state but only strengthen it. A closed border at least creates some form of “stability” in order to gradually hammer away at state power. The massive chaos resulting from a juggernaut of migrant monkeys will only make it even more difficult to reach the goal of abolition. Any hope of gradual abolition of the state will wither and die. State power thrives in chaos. It does not weaken it.

What success do you think you will have convincing a loyalist to lessen state power while they are surrounded and threatened by migrant violence? Yes, the state is the source cause of all this conflict but your loyalist won't care or listen. They will only further petition their state master for change and/or protection concerning this problem- a problem that need not exist in the first place if borders were enforced. The slave will beg and the master will listen. Begging is music to the ear of the master.

In order for the libertarian idea of open borders to be successfully realized, first the state itself must be neutered and neutralized through repeated secessions, resulting in decentralization and eventual destruction of state power over individual liberty and property. This power will eventually shift to sovereign individuals and small collectives of culturally homogenous populations. Property rights will be the ruling authority, not the demented edicts of ruling tyrants.

Only then can you open or eliminate those borders and properly deal with any invaders, free of artificial restrictions or coerced integration.

And maybe even a hang a few banksters for the fun of it.

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters



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