Saturday, February 4, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Political violence is mob violence. The larger the crowd, the more anonymous its violence. And the impunity of anonymity, like the impunity of authority, unleashes man’s capacity for evil. Under the shielding anonymity of the lynch mob and the voting booth, any atrocity is on the table."
Dan Sanchez

"What would happen if combatant status were granted to politicians instantly? Would it dis-incentivize the rush of old men to extinguish young man in forgotten neo-imperialist shitpits around the globe?"
Bill Buppert

"Some people, like libertarians, know how to combine logic with imagination. Some people have very little logic. Some people have very little imagination. Other people have no logic or imagination whatsoever. The latter are the ones who forever think inside the currently existing box and surround themselves in bubbles of like-minded human clones."
Garry Reed

"If Donald Trump turns out to be power-hungry, corrupt, and stupid, if he becomes an icon of an arrogant emperor, it would simply be the first time in recent decades that we the people widely recognized those characteristics in a president.  This – what we are watching today – is how an all-consuming, and all involving state behaves, in its natural environment."
Karen Kwiatkowski

"It is difficult for me to comprehend a life so sterile that it becomes meaningless unless it finds validation through the election of a presidential candidate, yet lives of that kind are quite commonplace. This is proven by the flood-tide of pathos resulting from the nation-wide meltdown of campus-dwelling leftist snowflakes — and by the triumphalist gloating from collectivists of a different flavor who believe that the 'greatness' of the United States is defined by the identity of the federal government’s executive figurehead. Their continent-spanning conniption fit demonstrates that at a level below sentience they understand the essential function of the state they worship — destruction of property, disruption of productive lives and violence against the innocent."
William N. Grigg

"Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible."
Frank Herbert

"The best someone is the one who arises naturally, based on family and kin; the best law is the one to be found in the old and good law.  This was the case through much of the Germanic Middle Ages. This was a time when more men had more real liberty – liberty earned and kept.
Today we have nobles who bear none of these characteristics.  There is nothing noble about them."
Bionic Mosquito

"We can’t be a 'nation' because of a nation, by definition, is a people with similar language, customs, traditions, religion, etc. Northern and Southern Americans certainly have some things in common, maybe many, but their differences are often night and day. Everyone knows it, they just don’t understand why that is important.
America, both then and today, is a collection of republics wedded together for the 'general welfare' of the Union, not a 'nation' of people. That only included commerce and defense. All else was to be left to the States."
Brion McLanahan

"Regulation isn’t the only political meddling that destroys jobs. Licensing is another example that’s ubiquitous — and offensive. A 'license' grants us permission to earn a living; why must supposedly free people seek permission in anything, let alone a right so fundamental to dignity and autonomy? Yet under the guise of protecting consumers, the State prevents huge numbers of professionals from plying their trade without first buying off bureaucrats — I mean, passing exams.
American jobs haven’t vanished because we aren’t 'buying American' but because politicians and bureaucrats have sold us down the river.
It’s past time we fired them."
Becky Akers

"I say we take their wine and let them go. If California secedes and its 55 electoral votes come off the board, Dems will never win another American election. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton could become president of the breakaway state and the rest of us would be free of the Clinton stain."
Michael Goodwin

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