Saturday, February 11, 2017

Civility Towards Archators?

Kent McManigal’s latest blog post discusses the question of how, or whether, to maintain civility toward the multitude of archators you run across in your daily life. Though consistently berating such state agents may always be considered an appropriate, principled response, Kent believes doing so “doesn’t seem like a pleasant way to live.”

I agree. Demonstrating your disapproval against every archator you encounter creates a miserable existence. It fills you full of hate that sits uncomfortably in the pit of your gut. Though that vitriol you express is deserved against the parties in question, eventually it eats you up inside, rather than empowering you. All that does is make your life less enjoyable. Meanwhile, the archators you excoriated have quickly forgotten you and happily continue with their archating.

I recommend saving your best anti-archating rants for any members of the ruling class you come across- politicians, high ranking bureau-rats, etc. Lower level (and therefore lower IQ) archatrors will probably respond to your berating with nothing more than a blank, indifferent stare. It’s doubtful you’ll have any success making an impression upon them.

Therefore, be judicious in choosing your targets. The higher IQ decision makers who created the edicts that street archators enforce are the juiciest and more deserving targets. Even though they may very well not respond verbally, the look of terror and/or confusion in their eyes and clumsy body language will indicate you have hit a nerve. That perplexed look will confirm their realization you speak the truth and are on to their scam. If they manage to spew a verbal response to your rant, so much the better. The state’s weak, illogical defense is no match against a well prepared anti-archator. Let them have it with still another barrel of reason, logic, and liberty loving passion! And by all means, video tape the encounter!

The slicky boy/girl types may give you a condescending smirk, accompanied by the same tired, propagandist cliché. Merely respond with a sincere smile and boldly counter their childish lies with unadulterated truth.

By this time, a crowd will have gathered, giving you a larger audience to expose these state agents as the true criminals they are. Soon your target will tire and desperately scatter, feeble mind in disarray, surrounded by their posse of subordinate yes men. Being berated in public is toxic to the reputation of a state Mafioso. “Good Lord, there may be cameras around!”  Watch them clumsily sprint to their nearest safe room to recover (by cuddling with a blanket and watching videos of frolicking puppies, perhaps?).

Meanwhile, you will feel charged and emboldened and now even better prepared for your next encounter. Enjoy the gratification of watching your YouTube traffic numbers climb, as hundreds or even thousands more individuals view the weak, depraved, cowardly, ignorant beasts that claim to rule them. A member of the High and Mighty Club has been revealed as a babbling wimp!

The state cannot be defeated by using the state’s choice of weaponry- meaning force. It can only be defeated when individuals reassert their sovereignty and withdraw consent. Individuals will only be inspired to take such a drastic action when they have been exposed to the truth about their government masters- and hear it again, and again and again…….Public shaming seems to be an effective transmitter of such truths.

Selective public castigation against such high level masters (rather than mass berating of lower level, archating grunts) seems to be the better approach. The anti-archator’s time and energy is more efficiently used and I’m confident the increased effectiveness of his noble actions will cause positive mental and spiritual effects that will outnumber any negatives.

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