Friday, September 23, 2016

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"There can’t be ‘too much liberty’ because liberty, being the freedom to do anything that doesn’t violate others, is self-regulating. If an act violates someone, it’s not liberty.”
Kent McManigal

“What is the Bill of Rights at heart but a way to impose very high transactions costs on any attempt to erode particular protections against government abuse? What is federalism, but providing a voting-with-your-feet alternative which makes government abuse harder to successfully impose? What is the core issue of ‘activist’ courts but their ability to lower the transaction cost of changing the Constitution through redefinition rather than the high-transaction-cost way Constitutionally specified for such changes? What is the most important goal of separation of powers but to make the transaction costs of government actions higher, in order to restrict government acts to where there is a much higher degree of societal agreement?”
Gary Galles

“The U.S. government has a life of its own. And it only really cares about the U.S. the way a flea cares about a dog. A flea needs the dog; it wants the dog to survive. But not because it cares about the dog itself. The prime directive of every living being, whether it’s an amoeba or a corporation or a government, is SURVIVE. That’s the prime directive; it comes before anything else. The U.S. government is an entity that has a life of its own. Its prime directive is looking out for number one.”
Doug Casey

“In politics, your sensitivities are despised and debated at every turn.
In the free market, your sensitivities are treated as an opportunity for someone somewhere to create wealth for themselves by figuring out a creative way to give you what you want. 
Don't trust in the power of politicians and other agents of the state. Trust in the power of markets, self-interests, and incentives.”
T.K. Coleman

“The bottom line is that attempts to ‘change the world’ whole – to change it in a way that is noticeable and traceable to one action or small set of actions – is the height of arrogance. No such change, no matter how well-intentioned the change-agent, will be for the better. Beneficial efforts to change the world are almost always small, incremental, and performed in the voluntary sector of society – in the market, in families, in civil society. Not in or through the state.”
Donald Boudreaux

“He who frees his own mind first cannot be imprisoned by any government. They can slander him, criticize him, call him a 'bad American', or even un-American and he simply does not care. Why? Because he is no longer attached to any of those concepts. He has no ego-self invested in the State which defines itself as ‘American’ and needs no approval from the State to feel whole or complete. The State has nothing to offer him and, therefore, nothing by which he can be ultimately controlled. If this were not so, the government would not invest vast sums in propaganda and state-sponsored peer pressure efforts to keep the illusion up and running. The State does not fear a revolution. They have enough tanks and men to put one down and enough propaganda to cause the majority to cheer the revolutionaries stood against a wall and shot. What the State fears is being ignored. That is one thing tanks cannot defeat.”
Jack Perry

“The US allied itself with Stalin, then fought Communism. It propped up Saddam Hussein, then murdered him. After bombing Hanoi, it now sells weapons to the same regime. In front of a huge Ho Chi Minh bust, Bush, Clinton, and Obama beamed. Freedom fighters will be redefined as terrorists or vice versa. When it comes to geopolitics, there is no ideological consistency. Only war is constant, and the flow of refugees.”
Linh Dinh

“Americans, and Europeans too, are witnessing the end of the myth of democratic consensus. Democratic voting, so called, doesn’t yield some noble compromise between Left and Right, but only an entrenched political class and its system of patronage.”
Jeff Deist

“Agreement about a common purpose between a group of known people is clearly an idea that cannot be applied to a large society which includes people who do not know one another. The modern society and the modern economy have grown up through the recognition that this idea — which was fundamental to life in a small group — a face-to-face society, is simply inapplicable to large groups.”
Friedrich A. Hayek

“The established order will require bright, creative, and thoughtful minds to design and control the technology upon which the system depends for its life-destructive schemes. But these same brilliant minds may be most motivated to expose the state’s evil practices from within.”
Butler Shaffer

“I don’t affiliate with Republicans, but I am happy to support a Republican that proves he or she has no interest in dictating my principles or my future.  Same with a Democrat. Same with any black or white or brown person. Same with any gay or straight person.  I really don’t care; stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours. Get in my way, however, and I will step on you.  If you’re bigger than me, I’ll dislocate your kneecaps and then step on you.  There is no despot so big that they are immune to the heel of a strategically placed boot.
Brandon Smith

“Don’t you think it farfetched that ignorant, corrupt, and cowardly American journalists who lie for money know more than physicists, chemists, 2,700 high-rise architects and structural engineers who have called on the US Congress to launch a real investigation of 9/11, firefighters and first responders who were on the WTC scene, military and civilian pilots and former high government officials, all of whom are on record challenging the unbelievable and physically impossible official story of 9/11? What kind of a dumbshit moron does a person have to be to believe that the United States government and its media whores know better than the laws of physics?”
Paul Craig Roberts

“To those statists who tell libertarians ‘If you hate government so much why don't you move to Somalia’ libertarians can now respond, ‘If you love government so much why don't you move to Venezuela?’”
Garry Reed

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