Thursday, September 1, 2016

Get Drunk to Honor Dead Hired Killers

Militarists and loyalists, armed with their illogical and slavish view of the state, can be relied upon to create ever more comical ways to glorify their most revered sacrament- human sacrifice. To be specific- human sacrifice as performed in the name of the King. This sacrament is manifested in an action militarists describe as “dying to serve your country.”

A brewer in Washington state has created a new brand of beer called “Legacy Lager” to honor the native, uniformed instigators of US, worldwide aggression.

“Each of the 16-ounce cans include a dog tag graphic with the name, hometown, date of birth, and date of death of the service members.”

To hell with having your name inscribed on some unseen tombstone or dark, creepy looking, wall- now you and your brief, violent life can be memorialized on an aluminum can!

Appreciative militarists can now “give back” not through some somber, boring, memorial ceremony but rather by offering a beer swilling salute to those who died for the for the preservation of murderous military aggression, the police state, widespread spying, and collectivist, economic oppression. Toast the name of the unfortunate soul appearing on the side of the can and drink yourself into mind numbing oblivion!

Throughout history, elaborate ceremonies have been conducted around the act and celebration of human sacrifice. Just add this beer consuming ceremony to the list of rituals used to appease whatever deity was popular at the time. In the present, that would be our DC overlords.

But now that you have emptied scores of cans in your patriotic, hops guzzling, gluttony, a pertinent question comes to mind: Will it be considered sacrilege or disrespectful if these cans are disposed in the trash after they have been emptied? Does militarist etiquette prescribe a mandated, honorable manner of disposition- such as the reverent actions and religious incantations required of US flag disposal? Will improper scrapping of these aluminum memorials be considered an unforgivable sin? Is recycling viewed as an acceptable alternative?

Is anyone else asking these important questions?

But there’s more!

"A Justice Department Inspector General report released [August 17] said inmates at a Beaumont, Tex., prison passed off hack helmets between 2006 and 2009, as part of a $30 million deal between the Department of Defense and Ohio-based manufacturer ArmorSource. Federal Prison Industries also served as a subcontractor.”

It seems that Federal inmates manufactured substandard combat helmets during that span of time. The Regime ultimately recalled 126,000 of them, costing the tax slaves (which includes US militarists) $19 million. No one has proven (at least anyone still alive) that any of these helmets contributed to any battle fatalities. But no one knows for sure.

So now, not only can grateful, US partisans raise their inscribed beer cans to toast the preservation of murderous military aggression, the police state, widespread spying, collectivist, economic oppression, and of course human sacrifice, but can now add corporatist, prison slave labor to the list of blessings!

And don’t forget to mention the faulty equipment that may have assisted the deceased’s sacrifice to appease the DC War Gods.

Honor the fallen by….. falling on your face, drunk.


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Kent McManigal said...

Drunkenness and statism seem a natural match to me.