Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Texas GOP Gangsters Terrified of Secession

It’s that time on the calendar when government gangsters battle for control of the US Collective. They accomplish this in tightly controlled skirmishes called “elections.” The GOP, one of the two streets gangs designated by the ruling class to constantly fight for control of this collective, recently had their Texas gang summit (state convention) in Dallas.

The Proposal

The only action at this summit worthy of reporting is the rejection of a proposal, heavily promoted by the Texas Nationalist Movement, to place a call for a referendum on Texas independence on the party platform.

The call for such a referendum was initially approved by two thirds of the Texas Republican Platform Committee, which certainly encouraged avid secessionists. This positive vote supported moving the secession proposal forward to a full vote of the delegates at the convention.

However, the proposal did not survive the next round of approval from an outfit called the “Permanent Platform Committee.” They narrowly defeated the proposal by a slim margin of 16-14, preventing it from being heard and debated on the convention floor of nearly 4000 delegates.

GOP Reactions

The reaction of loyalist GOP “leaders” was comically predictable:

Tom Mechler, (who claims the title, “Texas GOP chair”) dismissed the relevance of the Texas Nationalist Movement by whining, “Republican is not even in their name.” Millions would see such an observation as a positive for the TNM, whose movement and proposal is based on a principled action to preserve self determination, not a meaningless, vacuous platitude to please the leadership of a power seeking, political street gang.

Dan Patrick (who claims the title, “Lt. Governor”) rejected the proposal by saying, “Too many people have died for this country.” Well, Dan, I would counter that no one died for any “country,” but died to preserve individual liberty and the power of self determination to produce, reform, separate or even abolish whatever “country” they happen to live in. In the case of restless Texans, this means separation (secession) from a tyrannical, fasco-communist collective ruled by a far away, despotic ruling class, whose interests rarely, if ever, converge with the interests of those who call themselves, “Texans.”

Greg Abbot (who claims the title, “Governor”) chose to offer an alternative action instead of outright rejecting the secession proposal. Abbot wants to organize a convention of the states to amend the US constitution. He cites the authorization of such action by Article V of that document. “As the person who holds the record for suing the federal government, I can tell you it takes more than lawsuits to fix what’s broken in Washington, DC,” claims Abbot. Such a convention would supposedly be “limited,” “focused on curtailing federal power and spending, and boosting states’ rights.”

Excuse my pessimism in accepting the notion that politi-gangsters, who often don’t even obey the very laws they create (or outright exclude themselves from their coverage) would obediently “limit” themselves and legislate changes only relevant to carefully declared and clearly defined political objectives. Knowing the present prevalence of the entitlement mentality and the continual spreading of reality-optional social constructs throughout the US Collective, it’s understandable why anyone would have reservations about such an action. All manner of thievery and degeneracy could achieve constitutional establishment and protection.

According to Abbot, such a convention would, “propose things like term limits, a balanced budget amendment, and restoring the 10th amendment the way it was intended by the founders.” So a ruling DC regime, that has constantly disobeyed, dismissed, ignored and incorrectly interpreted many federal power restrictions and limitations (written in plain, understandable language) for decades, will suddenly obey to the letter new directives limiting its scope and power? Excuse me, once again, for my pessimism and lack of faith in my political masters.

My disbelief that such a convention result will force federal obedience is only surpassed by my well founded cynicism that two thirds of the thoroughly corrupt and liberty hating US House and Senate would allow such a convention to even take place. That leaves the necessity of gaining the acceptance of two thirds of the state legislatures which would require a massive, expensive, and time consuming project that would takes years to accomplish.

Then, if by some miracle a convention is actually held and amendments are approved, they don’t become part of the constitution until “ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof.” So still more time and expense must be incurred simply so Joe Citizen can beg his DC master to behave…….and for real, this time!

David Watrous (who claims no title) offers the most laughable alternative to secession and a convention of states: “You can’t just sit around and vote, you have to take some time out of your busy schedule and be involved.” So, Mr. Watrous, working for secession isn’t being “involved?” Working for a convention of states isn’t being “involved?”

“The system isn’t broken, Watrous says. People just need to take control in order to make it work the way it should.”

This view implies that secession and even a calling for a convention of states are not part of the “system,” even when the documents that created that system say otherwise. Such drastic actions would not be contemplated if the “system” wasn’t “broken.” And what better and certainly more efficient way to “take control” than outright politically parting ways with an overreaching, all powerful, empire building ruling entity that repeatedly treats its subject’s pleas for meaningful reform and adherence to constitutional restrictions with utter disdain?

Reason for Defeat

The platform process for the Texas GOP contains a number of hurdles to overcome before any resolution survives to become part of that platform. Each hurdle to overcome seems to be controlled by those further and further away from the grass roots who initiate such resolutions. Those grass roots activists will be eventually be replaced by party hacks the further a resolution travels the gauntlet of conventions, committees and sub-committees. These party hacks deem the existence, survival and the power of the party to be superior in importance to any relevant, positive and suggested change toward the governing system. The public’s perception of their party is of paramount importance. The slightest reference to any non-mainstream political action must be silenced to avoid being perceived as a party controlled by its “kook wing.“

The leadership structure of the GOP has the most to lose from any significant change in the governing system. In Texas, and probably most other states, the leadership class is heavily invested and ensconced in the federal system that operates the US Collective. They may occasionally throw a bone to their state electorate (as “Governor” Abbot has done) but will never allow any truly revolutionary actions threaten their secure sinecures within the party controlled, federal political system. Outright secession of Texas would mean, to them, a disastrous loss of power within their national party and a loss of influence and potential financial reward received from the federal system.

Even allowing the mere discussion of secession so terrifies the Texas GOP leadership, they refuse permission even to allow such discussion, let alone allowing language in their platform calling for a party referendum on secession, let alone calling for a state referendum allowing individual voters to actually decide their state’s future.


How are such roadblocks to be overcome? Persistence, I suppose. I’m not one that calls for political action but state secession seems the best chance to start the collapsing dominoes, eradicating the US Collective and its ruling, muderous death cult, once and for all. The slim margin of defeat of the secession proposal would seem to encourage further efforts in the future. In the meantime, secessionists should do whatever they can to keep such an idea in mainstream discussion.

Why bother proposing and initiating such nonsensical projects as a “convention of states” to tweak a document, written by minds far superior to the dregs that replace them today, and faithfully hoping that this prevents future failings?

Why bother listening to decades old pleas for individual “involvement,” consuming still more time and resources of individuals? Why should such individuals repeatedly sacrifice to reform and influence a federal system that repeatedly ignores them?

Why waste time and resources to “fix what’s broken in Washington, DC?” What better way to “take control” than to make decisions from the state and local level where there is much better hope of finding agreement among homogenous populations that tend to share values and goals.

Finally, ask yourself this question: Why does Texas or any other state need a “US?”

Look what being part of the US gives us now:

Endless war, ever increasing spying, destruction of the currency, wasteful spending, unpayable debt, bailout protection of thieving banksters, constant looting of our individual wealth, and depraved edicts from the throne that regulate every private minutiae of your life. I’m sure you can immediately think of still more “abuses and usurpations” to add to this list.

Looking to the future, what better way than state secession to begin a “succession of secessions,” each one creating an ever smaller ruling entity until each individual is sovereign? Each secession will reveal to individuals how little or not at all they need political “leaders” to organize their lives; “leaders” who prove themselves nothing more than thugs with guns, enforcing their role of self-appointed gatekeepers to individual lives, liberties, thoughts and futures. Such anachronisms as “nation states” and “rulers” will become a distant, bad memory, only to be examined historically as how not to order a society.

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Kent McManigal said...

"Look what being part of the US gives us now:"
You forgot a few things. It gives misguided folks a flag to wave. A pledge to chant. War hymns to get weepy eyed over. A false sense of being a part of something "important" and fearful. It gives them a gang.

Yes, so does Texas, but they want both gangs. That way they can feel doubly superior.