Sunday, June 26, 2016

Every Time I See His Face…….

People have various responses and emotional reactions when they see the face of Donald Trump- salvation, bigotry, nationalism, fascism, American greatness.

For me, just one thought comes to mind- bankruptcy. I can’t help but think of Trump’s multiple bankruptcies.

And not just bankruptcy as an action, but the results of such action. I consider the pain and suffering it causes innocent individuals.

With every bankruptcy there is one party that is forgiven, but multiple parties that suffer a loss. With Trump, the most noticeable losers were bond holders. They at least may have received some remuneration, even if it was just pennies on the dollar. However, the major losers are the lowly vendors- the small businesses (and their employees) who performed a service of some kind and were never compensated.

About thirty years ago, I was one such vendor/creditor who suffered a significant loss after a customer declared bankruptcy. Understanding and empathizing with this individual’s desperation did not lessen my anger at having to tolerate such a loss. I remained upset for years! Since then, whenever I hear of a bankruptcy declared by some notable person, I immediately imagine any investor losses, of course, but I primarily think of the lowly vendors and working men and women who will now suffer a complete loss.

When thinking of the individual who caused my loss, the last action I would consider doing is voting and consenting to have him rule over me! Yet, that’s what Mr. Trump asks me to do.

In your dreams……

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


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