Tuesday, January 8, 2013

War Rag Found in Dumpster- Loyalists Freak Out

A local man walking down a sidewalk has discovered a US war flag deposited in a (gasp!) dumpster. The usual response from loyalist, fanatical “symbol-minded people” is both humorous and sad to watch:

“I was completely beside myself.”

“It’s just disgust. It’s just extremely upsetting and outrageous that someone would do this to a flag.”

“It’s very troubling to me.”

Remember, these comments are not from those who have witnessed some despicable action whereby one individual threatened or harmed the life or property of another individual. We are talking about a piece of cloth! We are seeing supposed adults upset and nearly in tears because a religious symbol held in irrationally high esteem has not been treated as the hallowed icon they claim it to be.

These folks seem to still have the minds of children. Do they still carry a blanket and suck their thumbs? I seriously doubt that when the institution represented by this symbol (the US Government) commits it numerous crimes against humanity (not a piece of cloth), that these misdirected souls show even a minute percentage of the disgust they’ve shown when their precious (and reviled) war rag is abused.

I would argue that this ugly, putrid rag belongs in the trash! It represents the most murderous, terrorist, thieving group of thugs to ever exist on the North American continent- The US Government.

Every act of torture, every act of murder, every act of theft, every act of harassment and abuse, every act of occupation and war, every act of deception, and every act of personal enslavement has been accompanied by this celebrated and admired “symbol of freedom.”

Knowing this- being disposed of in a garbage dumpster seems to be a kindly act of mercy. It certainly deserves much worse.

Resistance is Mandatory

No rulers

No masters


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