Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hired Killers Destroy Motels to Save Us From Sex

Not only do Uncle Sam’s hired killers work to destroy perfectly good houses while fighting their drug war, they also seem to be eyeing motels for destruction. What have these motels “done” to deserve such a fate? Why, they’ve been locations for what’s commonly referred to by puritanical sex prohibitionists as “illicit sexual activity.” Meaning that two consenting adults had sex......... and money happened to change hands between the two. How this is considered a “crime” is beyond any rational explanation.

"They [the neighborhood] have to see all that activity that was going on over there such as prostitution, drugs, you name it and it needed to come down," said longtime resident Vivian Benjamin.

Outlawing prostitution is just as ridiculous as outlawing the consumption of some plants. These “blighted locations” that are “havens” for such activity are that way not because prostitution occurs there, but because prostitution is illegal. Being illegal, the activity must go underground, which means sex merchants have no incentive to provide attractive locations to offer their services. Legalizing such activity will create competition among those wishing to offer such services. The result will be the creation of clean, pleasant, locations, visually acceptable to all.

An entrepreneur who sells sex wants to be a good neighbor just as much as one who sells tires, food, or jewelry. After all, he wants his neighbors to also be his customers.

Instead, even more empty lots appear in an area in dire need of development. If there had been any demand from developers to build on such property, they would have purchased this blighted real estate long ago. The prostitution (like the drug dealing) will simply move to another location. The only satisfied people will be the politi-gangster sociopaths and prudes who can’t stand the idea that someone is having a good time.

And, of course, The Empire’s hired killers who get to destroy without the nuisance of a trip overseas.

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