Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rating Texas

Michael Snyder, in his article, “What is the Best Place to Live in America?” courageously examines each state within the US political abstraction. He offers his pros and cons for each state, as relates to where would be the best place to live to survive the coming economic collapse.

I had to laugh at some of the Texas “cons:”

West Nile virus? It’s killed a handful of people out of 26 million. Most of them are elderly with weak immune systems. The common flu kills thousands more.

George W Bush? He’s imprisoned in his little North Dallas compound, unable to travel anywhere, fearing arrest. What further harm can he do?

Illegal immigrants? Forgetting the idiocy of declaring a sovereign human being “illegal,” more migrants just means more customers for us businessmen.

Tornados? I’ve lived here 28 years and never have seen one. Do you have any idea just how BIG Texas is? These twisters are spread pretty thin. It’s like worrying about being attacked by the last shark left alive in the Gulf of Mexico.

Dallas Cowboys? Right on! I keep hoping these fascist scumbags will move to Mexico.

One important “con” I would add is the presence of fifteen US military bases within the state. That is fifteen too many, even for a land mass the size of Texas. In a time of social unrest, that potentially means that many more uniformed thugs available to place a boot on your face.

How can the author not say anything about the friendly people? When first moving here, I was immediately struck by this fact, particularly since I didn’t expect such friendliness in the big cities. Native Texans, particularly, are some of the most generous people you’ll ever meet.  

Resistance is Mandatory

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