Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fighting Militarism

After reading my recent article, “Debating Militarists,” reader Carl Spurchise sent me some interesting comments, as well some great suggestions for action against the war machine.

“I hate war,” says Carl. “I hate everything about it. As a Vietnam veteran I witnessed 58,000 of my peers die for a lie. War is suppose to be the absolute last resort executed when one sovereign nation physically attacks another and statesmanship has failed. It's not suppose to be fought against an ideology (i.e., "war on terror") or used as a tool for political gain through the deployment of jingoism and false patriotism.”

I couldn’t agree more. War is the ultimate human failure. But when power loving governments can achieve even more power through war and their corporate brethren can profit handsomely from this heinous activity, wars will continue to be executed.

What to do? Carl offers an interesting method to counter the mainstream’s pro-war propaganda.

“I plan to have business size cards made with the following slogans:

1. "War brings out the worst in mankind. It always kills innocent people."

2. "Visit a VA hospital first. Learn what the military really has to offer."

3. "Your parents don’t want this for you. They want you to live."

4. "You don't need to join the military to protect America. We can protect ourselves."

5. "War is an adventure in death. Why not get a real job and live?"

6. " You want to wear a uniform with medals? How about a suit and a paycheck instead?"

“I want to put them near the brochures that are on display in front of military enlistment centers. I don’t know if they'll be read by the young men and women who contemplate joining the armed forces. But if it if makes one kid stop and think, I'll be happy.”

Excellent idea! I hope this inspires others to take similar action to educate others, and peacefully fight and discredit the murderous meme of US militarism.

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liberranter said...

“I want to put the[cards] near the brochures that are on display in front of military enlistment centers..."

Orwell and his lexicon are working overtime for the State. Recruiting centers aren't called "Recruiting Centers" anymore. They're now called "Armed Forces Career Centers."
Clearly even the State knows that some lies just aren't palatable anymore.