Friday, April 6, 2012

Leave the Sky Alone!

Yesterday, I enjoyed a perfect spring day, warm temperatures and a clear blue sky. As I headed out this morning to run some errands, I anticipated being blessed with the same kind of day. Unfortunately, as I headed down the road, I noticed this shit in the sky:

Actually, this is what the sky was about 90 minutes after I first saw it. While driving around I could see numerous jets flying straight lines, crisscrossing each other, spewing their poisonous aerosol spray into the upper atmosphere. The powers that be just won’t allow me two consecutive days of a marvelous, blue, cloudless sky. They just couldn’t bear the fact that I might enjoy two consecutive days of unhindered sunshine radiating on my body.

Today is Good Friday, the day that Jesus Christ, alleged son of God, was tortured and killed by the state that happened to claim ownership of his life and body. Two thousand years have passed, and the descendants of that criminal gang continue to control, torture and even kill their human livestock as they see fit. Now, possessing modern technology, they not only sneer, ridicule, and cheerfully destroy the wonders of the Creator, but arrogantly manipulate and alter that creation as if they own and rule it as gods, themselves.

I’ve witnessed too many days like today- too many days tolerating the environmental abuse of demented, power crazy madmen. Is it not enough they steal my property, threaten my freedom, and continually harass me? They also have to pollute and desecrate the near infinite sky above me, navigating their death machines in a pompous, intimidating display?


Anonymous said...

What you can't handle the truth so you delete my comments?


Enlightened Rogue said...

A just what comments are those? And what do cats have to do with anything?