Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“The state is a covenant with death and an agreement with hell. To abide it is to embrace the glamour of evil and accept mastery by sin, to willingly submit to continual baptism in the innocent blood of kin and stranger alike.”
Thomas L. Knapp

“Dear statists: not following state customs is not an affront to society or an insult to you or any other individual, even a ‘hero’ who may have ‘paid the greatest sacrifice for my freedoms.’ The state and its symbols are not synonymous with society. Nor are they representative of you or any other individual in particular. When your identity is intermixed with your government and your patriotism becomes sacerdotal reverence, you become a mindless minion of the state to be manipulated into agreeing to whatever loss of liberty best suits your god government.
Be a good neighbor to your fellow man, not a doting subject to the state.”
Orlando Machado

“The only idea they have ever manifested as to what is a government of consent, is this – that it is one to which everybody must consent, or be shot.”
Lysander Spooner

"An evil that is left unnamed will perpetuate itself with lavish zeal. Exposing lies that destroy is mercy. Ignoring lies that destroy is mercilessness. Supporting lies that destroy is murder”
Emanuel Charles McCarthy

“Each year, 9/11 reminds the Afghans of an event in which they had no role whatsoever. American colonialism has shed the blood of tens of thousands of miserable and innocent Afghans.'"
From a statement emailed to the media by the Taliban

“Emotion is the enemy of objectivity. When people get emotional about something, they close themselves off to other points of view. This poses a great danger to truth.”
Simon Black

"What did lasting damage to the nation was not 9/11, it was remembering 9/11. Not only did overreaction to 9/11 play a substantial role in bankrupting the also made Americans fearful and sheepish. They’re convinced the towel-heads are trying to kill them. They believe they can protect themselves by spending trillions of dollars they don’t have on military campaigns that don’t work.
Ten years ago, only a few fanatics wanted to do Americans harm. Now, after throwing so much military weight around, half the world would happily pull the trigger on an American tourist if he had the chance."
Bill Bonner

“If September 11 was indeed a nightmare, 9/11 as a memorial and Ground Zero as a ‘consecrated’ place has turned out to be a blank check for the American war state, funding an endless trip to hell. They have helped lead us into fields of carnage that put the dead of 9/11 to shame.”
Tom Engelhardt

“The guys with guns, and no ethics, who absolutely and reflexively follow orders, have all the real power. They are not going to let their rice bowls be broken. So, forget about it. Ron [Paul’s] candidacy, like those of Harry Browne in the 90s, is useful only for advertising sound values. It's a pipe dream to think he can be elected by the mob. And a fantasy to think he'd be able to change anything if he was.”
Doug Casey

“Intentions are the great exonerator of government action. Governments almost always conclude that the motives of their own agents are exculpable, regardless of how many people they killed. But a focus on motive as the prime determinant of the morality of action is inherently flawed when judging state actions because politicians and governments routinely misrepresent their motives. It is far easier to count the dead than to determine the thoughts in the minds of the killers.”
James Bovard

“With the exception of trespassing on private property, people have an absolute right to travel in peace and at their own discretion. This right is an extension of self-ownership, which is the basis of libertarianism. Self-ownership means that all human beings, by virtue of being human, have a right to the full and peaceful control of their persons and property. Traveling is nothing more than an expression of that control not only over your body but also over your goods, which may require transport. Requiring a passport as the key to freedom of movement is akin to gagging someone while maintaining that he retains freedom of speech.”
Wendy McElroy
From the Darkness:
“I stand in awe of the men and women in uniform today who are answering our country's call. One of the greatest parts about being governor of Texas is the time I get to spend meeting with those brave men and women, be it in my visits to the many great bases throughout the state, or in my travels overseas to such places Iraq and Afghanistan.”
Rick Perry, lovingly kissing the boots of the occupation force in Texas

“Good conservatives recognize a need for limited government, but they also know that America has an obligation to spread democracy and promote international security.”
S.E. Cupp, NY Daily News, talking out of both sides of her mouth [It's impossible to have "limited" government while creating an empire.]

"American leadership in aerospace and defense is being threatened by forces in Congress and the administration. The security of our troops, our technological future and our economic stability are all at risk. We must preserve jobs across the nation that keep our nation strong."
Marion C. Blakey, president of The Aerospace Industries Association, decrying proposed cuts in defense

“We [the defense industry] understand the nation has to balance its books, but we've already given at the office.”
Chuck Gray, vice president and chief operating officer of Frontier Electronic Systems [“Given at the office?” You mean the bribes paid to Congress critters?]

"I'm off of the [super] committee if we're going to talk about further defense spending."
Republican Senator Jon Kyl's, threatening to quit if defense spending cuts are discussed

“There is no alternative but to give birth to the missing ingredient: a European treasury with the power to tax and therefore to borrow.”
George Soros, arguing that further integration in Europe is the only way to prevent catastrophic financial meltdown. [Yea, right.  Centralization is what caused the problem and further centralization will solve it.]

“As I mentioned when I was at La Raza a few weeks back, I wish I had a magic wand and could make this [immigration reform] all happen on my own. There are times where — until Nancy Pelosi is speaker again — I’d like to work my way around Congress.”
B. Obama, still wanting to be dictator

"The test of every policy the [US] Administration develops in the Middle East is whether it is consistent with the goal of ensuring Israel’s future as a secure, Jewish, democratic state. That is a commitment that runs as a common thread through our entire government."
Daniel Shapiro

“If anybody ought to be looked out for, it ought to be the persons who represent the most significant and the most loyal part of the [President’s] base. That would be African-Americans."
Tavis Smiley

"My vigilance will be unflinching for the law to be applied. Praying in the street is not dignified for religious practice and violates the principles of secularism.”
Paris, France Mayor Claude Guéant, defending a new law in Paris that outlaws praying in the streets

“I gotta tell you, I’ve just about had it with these 9/11 truthers. If there is one phenomenon in our sick, sick culture that sums up how far gone and utterly damaged we are as a people, it is 9/11 trutherism. It pretty much covers everything: self-loathing, antisemitism, zero knowledge of rudimentary physics and a general inability to think logically.”
Ann Barnhardt, Capital Management, Inc.

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