Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whining Warrior

It’s seems we’re presented on a near weekly basis the heart wrenching story of some soldier boy returning home from the horrors of battle, only to be treated “unfairly” in the civilian world.

This time the focus is on a veteran of the US government’s aggressive wars and criminal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan who “returned home only to be told he cannot return to his job as a police officer with the Dallas Independent School District.” It seems the school district has some concerns (and rightly so) about the mental stability of someone who has participated in such immoral acts as killing people in other countries who refuse obedience to the US state’s commands. Here’s a rare case of the Dallas school district making a wise, thoughtful, and even daring choice.

Here is an individual who has been drilled and highly trained in the use of violence, armed with the latest in high tech weaponry and given a free license to kill to force compliance among the US state‘s enemies. He is not trained in the arts of peaceful education and persuasion. He has been participating in such activity without questioning any order he has received. Forget for a moment the obscenity of cops in schools. Is this the type of individual you want keeping company with your children? Particularly, one who is viewed by children as a trustworthy authority figure?

I just don’t see how these military veterans can keep sustaining their tough guy image when so many can’t seem to successfully navigate the relatively minor obstacles inherent in mundane civilian life. So many of their lives seem to degenerate into domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness, and even suicide. Believe me, despite my passionate disapproval of the military, I take no joy in these facts. These are precious lives with great potential wasted because of one bad choice- joining the military. At least these poor souls didn’t wish to overburden strangers with their troubles and view a successful life as an entitlement earned by voluntarily killing for the state.

To me, the most despicable action is committed by those who contact the dutiful, state controlled media to whine and moan about their perceived difficulties or ‘injustices.” Of course, the mainstream press eagerly await such opportunities to publicize the veteran’s “misfortune” in a well packaged story promoting “gratefulness” to those “who protect your freedom.” They certainly wish to keep alive the meme that we subjects of the king should bow to and accommodate without question those who have served in the king’s legions. They certainly wish to reinforce the class distinction between rulers and the ruled. And they most certainly wish to keep alive the spirit of bloody nationalism beating in the hearts of the patriotic faithful.

This action usually works. Expect to see more.

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