Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A ‘Shutdown’ It Ain’t

I’m always hard on reporting done in the mainstream media. They usually, without fail, act not as purveyors of truth but merely as state apologists, “catapulting the propaganda.” Every once in a while, a useful jewel of information makes its way from the Fourth Estate to the readership. Such is the case with “Psst. No ‘shutdown’ during a government shutdown,” by the AP’s Andrew Taylor.

As a state hater and liberty lover, you probably imagine a “government shutdown” as I do- padlocked gates and doors among vacant government office buildings, unemployed, paper pushing bureaucrats, military guns silenced and aircraft grounded, welfare bums not receiving checks, unpaid cops and other lower-level-primate LEO’s walking off the “job,” no food inspectors terrorizing raw milk producers or vitamin supplement salesmen, no diplomats flying around the world creating bedlam, civil war, and strife among people in other countries, and lobbyists unable to reach and bribe our elected trolls to influence and purchase their allegiance.

A very pleasing and hopeful image, to say the least.

But, of course, none of these events occur. The worst (or best, depending on your point of view) that happens is lower level government hacks get a paid, multi-week vacation with the check arriving a little later than they would prefer. It’s all just political theater to keep the ruled masses alarmed and begging for continuity. A brief glimpse of the beautiful reality of true freedom is just too terrifying or incomprehensible for them to conceive. They scream in pathetic tantrums to remain dependent slaves.

Just as “budget cuts” are nothing more that decreases in planned increases in spending, “shutdowns” are nothing more than threatened, imaginary actions to fuel the state’s deceiving propaganda. The only “shutdown” occurs within the gullible minds of uninformed individuals intent on living in a state fabricated fantasy world.

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