Saturday, September 18, 2010

‘Heroes’ Get Swindled by One of Their Own

It seems that a man’s goal to build a memorial to the Empire’s fallen military servants is not as honest and forthright as perceived by its contributors.

The state attracts sociopaths (politicians) and psychopaths (military slaves). Mr. Coleman seems to exhibit both of these characteristics. That’s why his victims were attracted to him in the first place.

Militarists are easily swayed by the ruling regime’s “3’S’s” - service, sacrifice, and servitude. They allow their emotions to overpower their reason, despite the blatant, tyrannical realities of the US state. They become convinced that blind obedience toward and killing for an omnipotent state is the hallmark of heroism- a characteristic to be lauded and rewarded. Thus explains their attraction to supporting this memorial.

"I just can't imagine anyone that is sinister enough to do that... I don't know... for money," cries one of the deceived. The state you serve does far worse “for money,” including caging and killing innocent people. This fact is undeniable. It’s also time to wake up to the reality that those who claim to rule you also claim to own you. How is it “heroic” to defend, fight for, and die for such a despicable mob?

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