Thursday, September 23, 2010

Children, Beware

Snapshot of the State

Beware of your ruler’s flatulence and gaseous expulsions, disguised as political speech:

Beware of state agents who dazzle you with shiny badges on spiffy uniforms. Their aim is to not to help you, but to rule and control you:

Beware the colorful symbols used to enslave your heart and profanely sanitize the horror of the war dead. Speak up and voice your displeasure:

Don’t let self-appointed authoritarians stifle your spirit and individual uniqueness. Beware of being assigned ranks within the herd:

Don’t allow your free born spirit to be saddled by collectivist obedience. Seek, walk, and follow the unbeaten, self-directed path:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I shared this on facebook and my blog.

Enlightened Rogue said...

Thanks. Glad you and your kids enjoyed it.