Thursday, August 12, 2010

Snapshot of the State

A Canadian solider walks atop concrete security walls at a combat outpost near the village of Salavat, in the Panjway district west of Kandahar, August 5, 2010.

The Essence of Mob-ocracy………

“Democracy,” of course, is nothing more than mob rule. Different mobs battle each other to decide which mob will rule over all the other mobs. Countries not yet blessed with “democracy” must have mobs created by the occupying power that wishes to spread mob rule. If no mobs presently exist, these mobs must be created using that always effective tool called “walls.” People must be separated and isolated to create distinct mobs with certain identifying characteristics that distinguish one mob from another. These mobs are kept isolated from each other (through strategic wall building) so mobs cannot familiarize themselves with each other. Each mob then learns to mistrust, fear, and even hate all the other mobs that are not like them.

Every once in a while, the elites who rule all the mobs have an “election” where each mob has the opportunity to vote itself as the new ruler of all the mobs. The largest mob (and therefore the mob placing the most votes) is declared the election winner. The ruling elites stay the same, regardless of which mob wins the election. They merely change their allegiance to whichever mob has won. These ruling elites than brag that they represent the majority of people within the geographic region where all the mobs live.  They use this claim to justify ruling over and stealing from the losing mobs.

Somehow, civilization and culture has managed to survive all this nonsense.

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