Monday, August 2, 2010

Light Flashes

This isn't rocket science
The young lady is concerned for the welfare of NASA’s test monkeys.

Great! Now, how about some consideration for us TAX monkeys whose money is extorted to pump up that palace of pork known as NASA?

For decades our wealth has been stolen and squandered- “invested”-in useless, floating beer cans orbiting the earth.

So you think the space program is worthy? Then form a group of investors to finance and operate such a program. Then you can blast yourselves and your money into the black nothingness of space to your heart’s content.

FAA: Chelsea Clinton's wedding is a no-fly zone

This is wise.

You don't want to risk a collision with Queen Hillary's broom.

“After those hours at night they can become victims of criminal activity and also because those kids are in their group settings they can sometimes go out and commit criminal offenses themselves."

If that’s so, let’s extend that curfew to ALL ages. Just think of the crime that would be prevented. Adults have their “groups,” too.

Better yet, let’s take this cop’s warped logic to its rational conclusion. Let’s just lock up everyone in a cage. Then no one can ever possibly commit a crime! It’s time to face the realization that the state sees us all as just livestock to be corralled and managed for the state’s benefit and convenience.

Military keeps distressed soldiers at combat site

The state keeps looking for new gimmicks to reverse the psychological damage incurred from intense armed combat. Of course, they’re treating the symptoms rather than the disease. The disease is war which is just as, if not more, psychologically damaging than physically damaging. People who are raised at least somewhat civilized do not naturally kill people. I would argue that such distress is actually a positive sign. Showing signs of such suffering indicates that their humanity is still intact.

Look for these poor individual’s handlers to do more of the same nonsense- Keep ‘em pumped full of drugs until the ideal pharmaceutical cocktail is confirmed. Then, when they’re used up and discharged they become someone else’s problem.

Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding reflects uniting of religions in USA

It’s amazing what the dipwad media can read into something as insignificant as a wedding. The groom, a hedge fund crook and child of an indicted gangster marries the homely offspring of two other gangsters (one also being a mass murderer). One claims to be a Methodist, the other, a Jew. We’re supposed to believe that from this union of budding banditos will inspire deep discussions about religiously mixed marriages.

What twaddle.

Dallas police officer arrested for domestic violence

Such incidents are weekly events with the Dallas police and all other large departments. Police work attracts the lowest common denominator among humans- perverts and bullies.
The evidence to support such a claim is overwhelming.

Texans welcome National Guard troops along the border

Of course, the article makes no mention of the utterly foolish plant prohibition that CAUSES the violence in the first place!
Now, residents along the border get to enjoy the presence of an occupying army composed of uniformed killers- just like the unfortunate folks in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s all watch the newest Gestapo daily harass individuals and (eventually) kill their children.

'Boot Girls' back the troops with novel campaign

What a bunch of dips.

Gosh, are these the same kind of boots our ruling oligarchs press on our necks?

I requested the reporter to please, in the future, refer to these individuals as “US” troops rather than “our” troops. There are millions of us out here who don’t share the same pride of collective ownership toward these brain dead murderers.

La. fishermen wrinkle their noses at 'smell tests'

Why are these folks so suspicious of the government?
The government is never wrong, right?
The government would never tell you something that wasn’t true, right?

The government knows more about the fishing business than fisherman, right?

By all means, sell and chow down on this tainted seafood. When people start getting sick and die the state will deny any such previous approval and will even lead the campaign to prosecute those “greedy” fisherman. Count on it.

Conductor Mitch Miller dies at 99

I had no idea Mitch was still alive. I recall well my parents watching his TV program when I was a kid.

I'm always thankful for people who spend their lives bringing beauty into the world, rather than wars and destruction. Just one artist like Mitch is infinitely more valuable than a million bloody politicians.

Obama: U.S. combat role in Iraq is ending

I can’t get this memory out of my head. Maybe it’s a false one. But it seems to me that about seven years ago this little squirrely guy with a speech impediment stood tall and proud on the deck of an aircraft carrier and claimed, “mission accomplished” and “the end of all combat operations in Iraq.”

Was he lying or was that just a dress rehearsal?

So is this now the real thing? There will still be 50,000 US troops in Iraq but they are not labeled “combat troops.” There’s a difference? Does this mean they are unarmed and walk around helping little old ladies across the street and handing out perfume samples?

Political strategy: panhandling for congress

No offense to Mr. McNealy, but something about his panhandling sign bothers me.

How do you “legislate for freedom?”How do you “legislate” something that you are born with and is inalienable?“

Legislate” implies control. You need to “de-legislate” to restore the freedom that was “legislated” away.

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