Friday, June 25, 2010

Light Flashes

Dallas violated own zoning ordinances for senior homes

This a great illustration of the failure of any kind of central planning. No one individual or ruling group of individuals can possibly have all the knowledge and information necessary to plan economic activity. Here, in a very isolated context, the ruling authority that decides how many senior centers to allow in an area didn’t even have any idea how many senior centers already existed!

Texas Democrats go to court over Green Party

Tyrants HATE competition and like any other street gang, will do what is necessary to prevent a competing war lord to invade their turf.

No shooting required: Concealed weapon licenses with a twist

What a sweet end-around one of the goofy laws state gangsters saddle us with- in this case, requiring a license for carrying a firearm. The conceal carry license take less time and is easier to get in Utah. Yet, Texas (by law) respects the holder of such licenses (as well as from other states) within their territorial boundaries. Of course, the Texas gangsters are outraged by the competition and loss of control of their human livestock.

I’m sure the next Texas state legislature will end this “loophole” during their next gang summit, which occurs (fortunately) only every two years.

Richardson ISD faces violation for polluting creek

No surprise here. The state, which claims to protect us from pollution, is probably the largest polluter out there.

"Though polluters often face fines, Dallas said it would likely ask the district to just clean it up.”

The state is always lenient on one of its own whenever they violate the very laws they claim to uphold and enforce. If this had been a private business doing the polluting, it would have been unmercifully looted through fines.

Homeland Security to use drones along border

How wonderful. Texas will suffer still another USG invasion- this time it’s Big Brother snooping from above. I feel so much safer now that my rulers seek to actively protect me from people crossing meaningless, arbitrary boundaries and from honest businessmen (who the state smears as drug “smugglers”) looking to satisfy customers in voluntary trade transactions.

How long before these drones are soaring above the interstate highways looking for any kind of “illicit” or “illegal” activity? How long before they are constantly buzzing about the larger cities looking for more of their livestock to harass? Certainly there are more potential targets within a larger population. How long before one of these drones collides with a commercial or private aircraft? Will the dead just be considered more collateral damage? We’re at war, after all!

I see where Arizona is being blessed with Project Roadrunner (don’t you love these cute, catchy names?), “an integrated license plate reader recognition (LPR) system, to target both north- and southbound drug trafficking and other illegal activity along the Southwest border.” I guess it won’t be long before Texas politi-gangsters will be crying out for just such a program on their turf.

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