Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Count Me OUT!

Much has been written the past few months on how individuals should deal with the US Census- whether to answer the form completely, partially, or ignore it altogether. Most arguments I’ve read have been from the Constitutionalist point of view, but too few from the philosophical viewpoint of a free born, sovereign individual, peacefully walking the planet.

Answering only the question asking number of residents in your household is the suggested response by Constitutionalists. This surely is a rational, consistent action if you believe that the Constitution is a legitimate document and you also consent to be the governed by the state that the document claims to empower and regulate. But what if you don’t believe either of these assertions?

Let’s first examine this issue from the Constitutionalist viewpoint. Observing the behavior of the US Government over the years clearly indicates an out of control, rogue state that daily fails to operate within its constitutional constraints. It has also been proven to be morally and financially bankrupt. The US state therefore has absolutely no legitimacy as a governing body to be obeyed- at least among free men. It could even be claimed to be illegitimate by those who have actually consented to its governance. If this governing body refuses to stay within its constitutional boundaries in extending its power over individuals (as do to do so would be inconvenient to serving its agenda), why should these same individuals cooperate at all, even when this same state performs a duty that can be constitutionally justified? Why should any ruling body be respected and obeyed when it does not obey and respect the restraints placed upon it by the governed?

To what advantage to the individual is there in cooperating in this particular state endeavor? Answering any questions posed by the state is risky business. An individual has absolutely nothing to gain from volunteering information and potentially much to lose. Read the advice of Doug Casey:

“Only a fool voluntarily gives any government any more information than it can extract on its own. They talk about how this information will help your community, and it’s your duty, etc., but you should never confuse the state with a friend. Remember your Miranda rights; any information you give can and will be used against you.”
Reading quotes from politi-gangsters within this article about the census, exposes these dregs for the sick, violent sociopaths they are. Examples:

"We're talking about federal funds, and we're talking about representation. Our voice in this community must be heard. It is about power, and it is about federal funding, and we must make sure that our North Texas region ... is well-represented."

"We can't plan unless we know who is there and where. I get so many visits in Washington from people telling me how much more they need. But unless we have the numbers in order to plead for it, we cannot justify it."

There you have it- the real reasons for being “counted” - power, theft of property and its redistribution, central planning by political elites, and meeting the needs and demands of the plundering democratic masses.

As one who genuinely strives to live by the Non-Aggression Principle, cooperating in the “count” means also actively participating in the looting, disempowerment, and enslavement of others. When I allow myself to be “counted” I become, by default, party to the state’s crimes against individuals mentioned above. This is unacceptable.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “count” as, “to ascertain the total units in a collection by noting one after another.” Interestingly, the example my copy gives is, “counted sheep in the pasture.” How appropriate! The state’s subjects are seen as units of livestock to be counted- and obedient livestock, at that! To be counted means being proclaimed as one of the state’s subjects and, in the state’s view at least, consenting to be ruled and “represented.” No sovereign, free-living individual should acquiesce to such an arrogant, presumptuous assumption and arrangement.

By refusing to be “counted,” you declare to the state that you have no voluntary association with them. You assert that you refuse any created or implied consent to be “governed” or “represented.”

It’s heartening to read of so many people not willing to cooperate with the nosey and intrusive census. Not cooperating is a relatively low risk method of resistance to a tyrannical power. Why should one participate and cooperate with a government that is illegitimate? Why should one obey laws enforced by an unconstitutionally operating government that violates its OWN laws? Why should any sovereign, liberty loving individual surrender ownership of their life, property, and future to a thieving, murderous, enslaving state by being “counted” as one of its own?

Count me? Hell No! There’s only way to count me. Count me OUT!

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