Thursday, April 29, 2010

We’re All Soviets, Now

For decades the US government kept its populace in fear of the Soviet Union, We were constantly warned about the Evil Empire that wanted to destroy our liberties, are distinctive way of life and our economic freedom. Tens of billions of our tax dollars were spent and thousands of lives sacrificed to supposedly keep the Bear at bay. But since the dissolution of the Soviet Empire we’ve witnessed a US government hell bent on imitating its vanquished foe.

As we see more and more central planning of people’s personal and economic lives and the rapid, aggressive, advancement of the Federal police state, it becomes obvious that the Soviet Union did not disappear- it merely relocated westward.

The always perceptive Bill Bonner recently made this observation in The Daily Reckoning:

“Let us look back. What has been the major trend of the entire past 50 or so years? Government has played a larger and larger role in the US and most western democracies. Only in the formerly (and for many, still) communist countries has government been rolled back.

The communists learned their lessons. They proved that government spending does not make people rich. But now...what's this...? The US and other countries are greatly increasing the percentage of GDP spent by the government.

The communists proved that central planning didn't work. But again, the US and others are now planning their economies more than ever - managing interest rates, directing capital to one industry while denying it to others, raising taxes on this...subsidizing that...regulating everything that moves...

The communists also proved that state ownership of industry was a bad idea. But the US and others now own banks, insurance companies, almost the entire mortgage business, and one of the world's largest automakers.

Perhaps most importantly, almost all the 'old' democracies - notably the US - are taking on much more debt. Bankers do stupid things - the feds take over the debt. Homeowners do stupid things - the feds give them more low-cost credit. Politicians do stupid things - and the feds run up even more debt“.

Why did this happen? You have to believe that the political elites that inhabit the DC swamp see no benefit in allowing their subjects to live undisturbed, self-directed lives. There’s no power and money in that. Therefore, the trend has been toward more subjugation and intervention. Expect to see more of the same until, like its predecessor in tyranny, it all unravels into a messy and (possibly) bloody, chaotic mess.

But in the meantime, come forth, comrade, and tell us how you love Big Brother!

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