Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Schools Make a Mock-ery of History

What a great example of how poorly government schools “educate” children. They can’t even get the name of the war right! This, in no way, was a “civil” war, but a War of Secession. The term, “civil war” implies that the Confederacy wanted to overthrow the existing central government regime. The aim of the seceding states was to break their political relationship with the existing central government, NOT overthrow it. When the DC thugs would not agree to a peaceful separation, the seceding states had no choice but to fight. The War of Secession was no less than the Second American Revolution- and the good guys lost. Since then, we’ve suffered under a continual and ever worsening state tyranny that promotes state collectivism over individual liberty (make note of the teacher’s glee hearing the students chant, “union, union, union”).

The government school’s mission is to condition children to the idea that the US state has been heroic and benevolent through its history- and here’s the revised history to prove it.

“In the spirit of the war's end, the generals took the field and signed a treaty pledging that all students, teachers, and faculty at A.C. New Middle School will be treated equally, not discriminating on race, sex or age; giving equal opportunity to all people."

In reality, the “spirit” of the war’s end was to punish the rebellious states with an occupying military dictatorship, increased taxation and expansion of state size and debts, political corruption and economic exploitation. There was none of this feel-good, hand holding, truce based around “equal opportunity.”

History is written by the victors. Unfortunately, the victors also tend to have a massive amount of control (government schools, corporate media) over the dissemination of information. Overcoming the lies of conventional wisdom with documented truth is a never ending challenge.

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