Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rally for Freedom, Don’t “Prop” Up the State

Re: Hundreds rally in Oak Lawn against court's support of Proposition 8:

"Hundreds of people rallied Tuesday night in Dallas to protest the California Supreme Court's decision to uphold Proposition 8."

Both sides are missing the most important question- Why should the state even be involved in the contract of marriage?

Couple the freedom of contract with freedom of association (I have the freedom NOT to recognize your arrangement) and the problem is solved.

You can marry your goldfish, for all I care- as long as I am free not to recognize your arrangement as legitimate and am not forced (by the state) to pay for politically determined "benefits."

The pro-gay marriage crowd makes a claim of “equal rights” when their true agenda is securing “equal entitlements,” enforced at the point of a gun. Government cannot create “rights” without doing so at the expense of other’s freedom, just as government cannot “create wealth” without taking it from one party and distributing it to another. Any government enforced “solution” to a problem or dispute just creates a different set of victims.

The absence of coercion, coupled with the respect for individual liberty, provides a much better environment to solve disagreements.

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