Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fascist Follies

Fascism just will not die in Dallas. First, Il Duce Jerry Jones enlists the state to run people off their land and force Arlington taxpayers to subsidize a grand new playground for his millionaires. Now the City of Dallas is ready to finance a $400 million hotel for some lucky developer.

If this site next to the Dallas Convention Center is such an ideal spot for a hotel, the city need not spend stolen money to get one built. At least one developer would be more than eager to build such a project. And if that proposed project looked promising to lenders, that developer will have no problem receiving the financing.

Instead we have city council political hacks using Soviet style central planning to achieve a vision of what they think Dallas should look like rather than allow the market place to decide. You just know some council members can look forward to some sizable bribes in pushing this idea.
The Dallas City Council just recently admitted they don’t have enough money in their budget to fix all the street potholes yet see no problem with forcing their tax serfs to guarantee a $400 million loan. Flush this idea down the commode and spray the room with Glade.

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