Sunday, December 8, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"Obama can disdain the people for their 'guns and Bibles' and Hillary Clinton, like Alexander Hamilton, can describe the people as 'deplorables.'  In a genuine government of the people both of these characters would be sent down in shame for insulting 'the people.'   Instead, they gather the votes of a majority of the electorate.    How can this happen?   I offer a possible explanation.  The American educational system has turned out millions of pseudo-intellectuals, people with no particular intelligence or learning and who have no real power but who think that because they share the egalitarian scripture that they are therefore members of the elite and superior to those deplorables."
Clyde Wilson

"The usual suspects among the communist chattering classes are now pivoting to a new mass advertisement campaign to attract apparatchiks to their serial killer ideology by painting every white human a white supremacist. While I think that government supremacists have done far more damage to earthlings, I look forward to seeing the unintended consequences and a mirror image of the very radicalization they so admire in their Antifa pets.
Keep pushing, collectivists.
Newton’s Third Law is a motherfucker.
They say the collectivists can’t meme and one reason is their complete blindness to the irony of their creed. Individualism is the enemy of government supremacist creeds because the individual isn’t valued in the hive mind. It is merely mortar for the foundations and walls of the leviathan state. A human competent to be bent to the will of the violence broker class and its sycophants on pain of death depending on the resistance to state authority."
Bill Buppert

"China is NOT on board with this nonsense of climate change caused by humans. The South China Morning Post has reported that their scientists have traced their civilization and its rise and fall to the energy output of the sun. Simply put, when the climate warms, civilization flourishes. When it turns cold, we isolate ourselves and civilization contracts.
China will take up the crown of the financial capital of the world because the West is just going insane with socialism and using climate as the excuse to seize power and wealth.
I have stated many times that when it is beneficial to come together, civilization expands because there is a synergy that rises that is greater than the sum of the parts. When civilization becomes corrupt and it feeds upon one class for the benefit of another, the very PURPOSE of coming together no longer makes sense and you witness this throughout separatists movements, revolutions, and civil war."
Martin Armstrong

"I hate to sound defeatist, but it’s all over for what was once known as American civilization. The celebrity of AOC is indicative. How else could a 29-year-old Puerto Rican waitress, poorly educated and not very bright, set the political tone for the whole country?"
Doug Casey

"We the People will occasionally dispatch a Ron Paul to Washington, it is true.
But for every Ron Paul, we install two dozen spendthrifts… six dozen profligates… a hundred wastrels.
Comes the standard counterblast:
'We simply have to elect better people — that is the answer. We deserve better. But the entire system is corrupt. We must work to change it.'
Here we have the immemorial cry of the true believer, the babe in the woods.
And it will likely remain the immemorial cry of the true believer, the babe in the woods — until the end of the chapter."
Brian Maher

"Gun ownership is as integral to a free society as free speech and property rights. Without firearms ownership, the public is at the mercy of any criminal or criminal government that seeks to oppress them. Remember, if your AR-15 was not a threat to the elites, then they would not be constantly seeking to take it away. Never let it go."
Bob Livingston

"Freedom cannot be boiled down to a dream or a wish; something that might happen someday if we are able to stay alive long enough. Freedom is a responsibility that is already born into most human beings. It's not a cheesy ideal, it's a timeless ideal. Freedom and the fight for peace and balance in the face of would-be emperors is an infinite battle. It never ends. The fight is freedom. Without the fight, freedom disappears.
For each person that defies collectivists and totalitarians, even at the risk of their own life, the shadow is held back another day. This is what matters, and this is what the survival purists don't get. You have to make yourself worthy of surviving, by standing for principles and values that are bigger than you are. Otherwise you're not worth a damn to anyone, even yourself."
Brandon Smith

"Most believe that all men seek and desire liberty, but could anything be more inaccurate? I would posit that mankind in general has never been satisfied or content with freedom. In truth, the opposite is the case, as the common man fears freedom more than slavery. The masses are not ever happy with real freedom, as freedom requires intelligence, responsibility, courage, and competence. Given that the human species is only comfortable in the herd, and wants to be coddled instead of being strong, liberty is anathema to natural human desire.
In America, these truths are evident throughout society, and are becoming more evident with each and every generation. Common people seek safety and contentment in the flock, without any eagerness to actually do the work necessary to sustain freedom. In fact, the masses are terrified of being free, and are very uncomfortable with the concept of liberty. It sounds good in theory, but in practice requires intellectual fortitude, courage, an enlightened soul, and wisdom, things that those in the group do not possess."
Gary D. Barnett

"The solution to our ills can be found in the distinction between power and force. 
While force tries to lord over by employing fear, true power inspires. 
Force dehumanizes, treating people like robots, or subjects, to be molded… 
Power humanizes, treating people with dignity, giving them agency. 
Force tries to solve problems using fear. 
Power uses inspiration to pursue foreseen and yet-to-be seen opportunities.
The former is constricting, the latter is expansive.  
And, fortunately, the rationalizations provided by the one-trick-pony called 'force' always crumble at the inspiring sight of power."
Chris Campbell

"The premise of the egalitarianism that drives gender madness and that seeks to tear down the traditional society of fixed morals and families is the existentialist idea that existence precedes essence. But from our freedom to choose does NOT follow the implication that we can DO anything, such as remaking human nature, choosing our sex, having a child choose a gender, building a perfect society, or building a society based upon an egalitarian ideal. Certain essences of human nature and society rule some things out. The society that nonetheless chooses to elevate these things into its guiding ideas, the society that makes these wrong, corrupt, degenerate, unholy and ungodly choices, that society will destroy itself.
Destruction follows from believing that existence precedes essence and then taking the wrong path out of the quandary that such a belief poses."
Michael Rozeff

"The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum — even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate."
Noam Chomsky

"So, facing problems that appear to be created by the state system, politicians, stuck in that 'same level of thinking,' continue to apply the same tool, basically brute force, solving nothing, creating new problems, and all the while being callously oblivious to the consequences.  In their own minds, they all are just doing their duty or 'following orders,' while in reality they are manufacturing corpses, destroying neighborhoods and cities, devastating cultures, communities and religions and forcing the mass movement of peoples.  It is yet another feature of archism that its practitioners can wreak such havoc during the day, doing things that normal human beings not employed by the state consider abhorrent, and sleep like babies at night.  Thus, unfortunately, conscience does not make cowards of archists."
James and Michael Ostrowski

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