Thursday, September 5, 2019

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines (and just one week’s worth) offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

She’s concerned that these violent, raping, sexually abusing, disease spreading, criminal invaders be treated "humanely."

And I’m sure has no interest in slowing down the 200 invaders per day released into the country.

After all, her and her commie comrades have to find some way to win elections.

Loyalist Open Borders Bitches Whine About ‘Detention Centers’

They’re welcome to leave anytime. They found their way to this horrible place, so they know how to find their way back.

If they’re complaining about such mildly annoying conditions, then it must not really be that bad where they came from. Correct?

Asylum denied!

“The US Military has a long-standing position that its operations are carried out worldwide, including in areas claimed by allies, and are separate from political considerations.”

Translated: “We, the 'exceptional nation,' do whatever the fuck we want.”

Besides creating “provocative acts,” such rude intrusions seem to include looking for future base sites.

Imagine the reaction of the DC Demons if China tried to pull this off in the Gulf of Mexico…

They’ve also added hacking and employee harassment to their little bag of war mongering tricks.

It’s okay for normal people to suffer “invasive screening” but not for her precious, depraved non compos mentis monstrosities.

The Longest War will morph into The Longest Occupation.

Of course, that’s assuming the “pullout” even occurs.

They’ll be compiling “personal threat assessments” about you to see if you’re a threat to their authoritarianism.

They’ve run out of enemies in the “War on Terror,” so now they’re taking a gander at you!

Keep fear alive!

Say “Bye, bye” to your “tax cut.”

You continue to get poorer and poorer with higher taxes and higher cost of living as The DC Regime grows richer and richer, as well as more powerful.

The only way the DC Demons know how to deal with others is bullying.

The anti-Russian paranoia reaches ever more ridiculous and dangerous heights.

He thinks you’re destroying the planet, so his solution is to impoverish and starve you.

Soon after that tax becomes effective, he’ll be coming out with a new welfare program for farmers who go out of business due to the high cost of their product…

They suck at winning wars, so I guess they feel they might be competent at detecting “fake news.”

But then what do you expect when you ride on a Regime operated railroad?

In an independent Texas, if any of these DC Goons (illegally) tried this with a Texan, that Texan could legally shoot them dead.

He’ll get “real time data” to determine whether or not you should own a gun.

They will us a “social credit score” system now used by the communist Chinese.

Isn’t it time to de-fund DC and send it back to the Hell Pit?

It’s part of their strategy to surround and starve Venezuelans.

They call it “diplomacy.”

“Dear ‘Beto,’

Don’t wait until you’re the all-powerful DC Emperor, sending your armed goons to disarm us all.

Show some courage and personally come to our homes and forcefully ‘buy back’ our weapons.

My guess is you don’t have the stones to do it!”

Apparently, that enslaving Piece of Paper containing Talking Point #2 is not clear enough for the ruling class and its communist supporters.

How perverse- the “solution” to protecting people from violence is to disarm them even more than they are now!

Laws won’t save you.

Politicians won’t save you.

Prayer won’t save you.

Only you can save yourself.

Buy a fucking GUN and learn how to use it!

They claim their fleet of pirate ships are there to “protect oil shipments.”

What are “negative” interest rates?

That’s when you pay the bank to hold your money! Your assets receive “negative income.”

When you’re a member of the DC ruling class (particularly the communist wing), you can get away with that sort of thing…

They’re just doing what they can to enrich and empower other political criminals around the world.

The “crime?” It’s the fact that someone this brain dead is “qualified” by Regime standards to rule the lives of 330 million people!

Some good news for the resistance:

"Shut down DC?"

Sounds pretty good to me.

How can the whole US political collective not be better off if that happens?

Step #2 will be padlocking all doors.

Step #3 will be bringing in the bulldozers and leveling the place. It's the perfect spot for a landfill!

Why remain a suffering subject? Why do you need a “US?”

Secession, anyone?

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