Sunday, November 5, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"It wasn’t 'state’s rights' that ripped apart the Union. It was Hamiltonian nationalism, the belief that the general government can do anything it wants as long as it is 'necessary and proper' for the 'general welfare' of the American people, the Constitution be damned. That is the real story of America, but every school child is fed the opposite narrative from the time they enter kindergarten as a little mind of mush. Uncle Sam knows how to indoctrinate kids, and we want more Uncle Sam in education. Doesn’t make sense."
Brion McClanahan

"However well-intended, the exercise of power means forcing people to do things they otherwise wouldn’t, or preventing them from doing something they otherwise would. And the more those politicians get used to wielding such power, the easier it becomes to justify grandiose public works projects, creating jobs of dubious value for supporters, or appointing the well-connected to positions they do not merit. If you doubt that corruption pays, consider how successful corrupt governments are at not serving their people, but at perpetuating themselves."
Ivo Vegter

"Politically Left, Right or Center, it doesn’t matter. This massive collection of power players are all 'socialists.' Meaning: they’re power-mad monopolists.
But of course, they’re also the messiahs bringing a happy and glorious future to the downtrodden, to 'the people.'
If you buy that one, I’ll not only sell you beachfront condos on the dark side of the moon, I’ll sell you the whole moon. No money down. Easy terms.
So easy, when the balloon payment comes due, you won’t know what hit you.
At that point, you’ll need to sign your property and liberty and life away.
For the greater good, of course.
In a socialist system."
Jon Rappoport

"Statists have long exploited dead soldiers in the peddling of guilt on behalf of their ambitions for power. We are told we 'should honor the sacrifice of those who fought and died to protect our freedom.' As often as I have heard this plea, I have yet to have anyone inform me of any liberty I enjoy by virtue of soldiers going to foreign countries, at risk to their own lives, to kill people! Of what is one 'free' when fighting or killing others? Soldiers fight because they are ordered to do so, and the selection of the 'enemy' is made by persons who have absolutely no interest in benefiting or protecting me."
Butler Shaffer

"Until we recognize the fact that governments are in perpetual war against their own people, we cannot understand anything in terms of reality. Keep in mind that the definition of war is not mortal military combat but stealth and gradualism which are age-old Machiavellian concepts. Whereas they could not prevail with armed warfare against their own population, they proceed with stealth, slowly and imperceptibly over time, so that the connotation of fraud and illegality seldom comes up."
Bob Livingston

"The human being, an evolutionary extension of the animal world, is endowed with certain indelible features at the genetic level. Group loyalty and fear of aliens are among them. Man cannot survive alone. Mankind is not a biologically monolithic, homogeneous family. Rather, it is made up of human groups (clans, tribes, nations, races) that as a result of their long development are moving apart from each other. Biology is the basis on which human communities create culture and ultimately civilization, not the other way round."
GEFIRA Bulletin

"Electric cars have to be force-fed because there are not enough takers on the merits. It’s a simple statement of fact; no elaboration needed. If this were not so, the force-feeding wouldn’t be necessary. No one puts a gun to people’s heads to buy Starbucks coffee or for that matter, Toyota Corollas –  because it’s not necessary. They sell on the merits. EVs don’t."
Eric Peters

"You do not have to turn yourself or allow yourself to be turned into a robot who worships the military or the State and who short circuits its own thinking with myths and propaganda. You can walk away from this and free yourself from it, because your feelings belong to you and you do have a will. You have no good reason to regard symbols of State with reverence. They really do not deserve it, and that’s being charitable."
Michael Rozeff

"Nothing has helped the spread of socialist ideas more than this belief that Socialism is inevitable. Even the opponents of Socialism are for the most part bewitched by it: it takes the heart out of their resistance. The educated person is afraid of appearing unmodern if he does not show that he is actuated by the social spirit, for already the age of Socialism, the historic day of the fourth estate, is supposed to have dawned and everyone who still clings to Liberalism is in consequence a reactionary. Every triumph of the socialist idea which brings us nearer to the socialist way of production is counted as progress; every measure which protects private property is a setback. The one side looks on with sadness or an even deeper emotion, the other side with the light, as the age of private property passes with the changing times, but all are convinced that history has destined it to irrevocable destruction."
Ludwig von Mises

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