Friday, October 7, 2016

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

“As you may know, Texas’ relationship to the federal government is contractual, and a contract is only as good as the honor of the parties involved. If you were in a marriage where your spouse continually abused you and cheated on you, all while spending the money you had laid aside for your children, it is doubtful that a reasonable person would say to you, ‘Too bad! You have to stay married!’ Certainly the founders didn’t believe this, and the 10th amendment of the Constitution reserves all power not given the federal government for States, including the power the leave the union.”
Ryan Thorson

“Who, we ask, has the right to rule what ideas pass through your mind? Taken further, who has the right to regulate how you use your mind? The proper answer is nobody. Not the DEA. Not Congress. Not anyone. 
Cognitive liberty, we find, is the cornerstone of individual liberty. Because if you’re not free to think for yourself or alter your consciousness on your own terms, how free are you actually? If you do not have autonomy over your own brain chemistry, how can you claim to have any autonomy at all?”
Chris Campbell

“I trust the businessman only when he’s out to make money – because then he’s going to want to do things my way. When he’s out to do me good, he is going to do it his way.”
Dwight Lee

“Where will we be led by the illusion that impels us to believe that the state is a person who has an inexhaustible fortune independent of ours?”
Frederick Bastiat

“Why does the world look to the most stupid, vile, arrogant, corrupt and murderous government on the planet for leadership?
War is the only destination to which Washington can lead.”
Paul Craig Roberts

"While no president is anywhere near as decent as his supporters want you to believe, neither is any president as bad as his opposition claims. Presidents are simply the gunk that floats to the top of the political soup, to be scooped up and held aloft as someone more noble than the rest of humanity.”
Kent McManigal

“Usually, the greater good is based on entirely arbitrary determinations rather than any inherent moral code, making it vaporous and easily changeable.  A ‘greater good’ without principles based in inherent conscience or natural law can be shifted on a whim to suit any evil imaginable.”
Brandon Smith

"The political process (voting) is not a function of government or functional to government. The political process is a façade of government that satisfies the quest for political choices. It is an illusion unrelated to reality and political participation by the people. It is, however, the perfect system for keeping the people focused on empty nonsense year after year. People totally misunderstand the nature of government. Otherwise they would know that there is no such thing as political choices or political freedom."
Bob Livingston

"Are Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and Donald Trump more fit national leaders than Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison, our first four presidents who we are reminded were elected by a suffrage restricted to white male property holders? Is there any reason to think that by expanding our suffrage we have improved the quality of our leadership? Yes, we have become more egalitarian since the American Founding and some might argue, more just, but our march toward democratic equality looks grimmer and grimmer each passing day."       
Paul Gottfried

“I used to joke that there was nothing wrong with Washington that 10 megatons on the capital couldn’t cure. But I don’t say that anymore. Partially because it’s too dangerous, but mainly because it’s now untrue. What’s now needed is 10 megatons on the capital, and four more bursts in a quadrant 10 miles out.”
Doug Casey

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